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The twins  en

Online :Jun 30, 2009
Updated :Feb 11, 2010

The two 18 year old twins eyed each other nervously how did their plans go wrong they thought. Kelly and Deborah waited for their mother
return. They thought back to what had been they thought a foolproof plan to cut school and hang out at the mall

Natty Gets a Nanny  en

Online :Apr 21, 2009
Updated :Jun 21, 2009

Natty's daddy decided that she needed a nanny.

susie summer in diapers chap 1  en

Online :Apr 20, 2009
Updated :May 11, 2011

susie has a little bedwet problem, uncle jack purpose to solve the problem with the permanent wearing of diapers, be treated like a naughty little baby

Lori's Treatment  en

Online :Mar 15, 2010
Updated :Aug 17, 2014

A girl had a surgical operation.

Her father take care of her

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