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A pleasant surprise  en

Online :May 5, 2009
Updated :May 5, 2009

A fourty-something female office manager is taken to task over taking time off to book a holiday and neglecting to inform a colleague that their scheduled meeting was cancelled. He, jokingly, suggests that she was behaving like a naughty child and needed a good spanking for messing up his day which she dared him to do. He called at her home that evening and...

A day at the beach  en

Online :May 5, 2009
Updated :May 5, 2009

This is the writer’s brief but true account of her first adult spanking. The man she was going out with seemed to have a rather one sided view of male/female relationships and she made the mistake of trying a little rebellion.

Claire Plus  en

Online :Apr 21, 2009
Updated :Jun 12, 2010

Claire's mum make a proposition for her daughter, to live with her, but there is spanking consequences.

Mes relations fessée  fr

Online :Nov 24, 2017
Updated :Nov 24, 2017

Quel plaisir trouve on dans la fessée ?
Déjà rien que l'évocation du mot fessée m'excite beaucoup.
Voici quelques moments qui m'ont beaucoup marqués.

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