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Knotty pine,  en

Online :May 5, 2009
Updated :Jun 21, 2009

Having gone too far early in my thirteenth year, my father said to me "You are going to make yourself a paddle." Under his watchful eye there began 4 inches by 14 inches of rough spanking wood including the handle. Following his masterful direction there finished a powerful work of polished spanking art. When not being thoroughly applied to the bare bottom of a completely naked recipient, it remained on the hook over my bed. The paddle entered the lives of my brothers and sisters when they reached their teens and only exited mine during the last year of college. This is the story of that paddle.

Oiling the belt  en

Online :May 5, 2009
Updated :Jun 29, 2009

Janet and Ed had entered into a mutual domestic discipline contract just before their marriage. They get spanked each others

A day at the beach  en

Online :May 5, 2009
Updated :May 5, 2009

This is the writer’s brief but true account of her first adult spanking. The man she was going out with seemed to have a rather one sided view of male/female relationships and she made the mistake of trying a little rebellion.
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