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Always Friends  en

Online :May 5, 2009
Updated :May 5, 2009

'You’ll have to take off your jeans and knickers' warned Amy 'all my spankings are on my bare bottom. If you want to share my punishment you’ll have to do the same.' A spanking was not the only experience these two ladies were about to share: there would be a little something extra owed by Kate to Amy's husband Peter.

Home discipline  en

Online :May 4, 2009
Updated :Jun 21, 2009

A girl is late, she's going to be spanked

The Study  en

Online :May 5, 2009
Updated :May 5, 2009

'The Woman walked down the corridor…..she had no idea where she was, nor yet how she had come to be in this place but she did know why she was there: it was to be punished.' The Gentleman who will punish her, summons many women using the power of their guilt, but is this woman different? Will she be the one who will share his work…..and his bed? Before those questions can be answered she must first take the severe punishment due to her.
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