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Embarrassing Story  en

Online :Oct 13, 2009
Updated :Feb 8, 2010

A girl is punished by her  daddy after being expelled from her school, her daddy spank her poor bottom.

The lesson must be learned as weel, and an enema will help her to have better behaviours.

Linda's Enema  en

Online :Jun 7, 2009
Updated :Jun 21, 2009

Linda firt experience enema

Natty Gets a Nanny  en

Online :Apr 21, 2009
Updated :Jun 21, 2009

Natty's daddy decided that she needed a nanny.

Abbie and Nicki: Sisters in Trouble!  en

Online :Dec 23, 2011
Updated :Dec 23, 2011

Disclaimer: no real child was harmed in the making of this story about fictional children being harmed!

Sisters are in troubles, spanking and enema will follow

Slumber party  en

Online :Feb 13, 2013
Updated :Apr 5, 2014

Fiction fantasies non consensual.

A slumber party organised with good friends can turn to nightmare...

Lori's Treatment  en

Online :Mar 15, 2010
Updated :Aug 17, 2014

A girl had a surgical operation.

Her father take care of her

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