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A pleasant surprise  en

Online :May 5, 2009
Updated :May 5, 2009

A fourty-something female office manager is taken to task over taking time off to book a holiday and neglecting to inform a colleague that their scheduled meeting was cancelled. He, jokingly, suggests that she was behaving like a naughty child and needed a good spanking for messing up his day which she dared him to do. He called at her home that evening and...

Always Friends  en

Online :May 5, 2009
Updated :May 5, 2009

'You’ll have to take off your jeans and knickers' warned Amy 'all my spankings are on my bare bottom. If you want to share my punishment you’ll have to do the same.' A spanking was not the only experience these two ladies were about to share: there would be a little something extra owed by Kate to Amy's husband Peter.

Go to your room and pull down your panties!  en

Online :Apr 27, 2009
Updated :Apr 27, 2009

A dream comes true

A love spanking  en

Online :Nov 4, 2009
Updated :Feb 10, 2010

Spankings are supposed to hurt, even sexy love spankings.

Garden Party  en

Online :Apr 30, 2009
Updated :Apr 21, 2010

A girl receive a spanking while a garden party

Claire Plus  en

Online :Apr 21, 2009
Updated :Jun 12, 2010

Claire's mum make a proposition for her daughter, to live with her, but there is spanking consequences.

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