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Oiling the belt  en

Online :May 5, 2009
Updated :Jun 29, 2009

Janet and Ed had entered into a mutual domestic discipline contract just before their marriage. They get spanked each others

Triplets  en

Online :Apr 21, 2009
Updated :Jun 21, 2009

Caught by their parents and punished for a conspiracy of lies, three daughters are stripped naked for a warmup hand spanking followed by an over the couch belt strapping. Corner time is served -- without panties.

The Belt  en

Online :Aug 8, 2011
Updated :Aug 8, 2011

We arrived at the beach the next day, and the group of us paired off on blankets as we all laid on the beach. Dana of course had me share her blanket with her. I pulled off my t-shirt and then sat down while I watched Dana slide off her sweats to reveal a pair of tight jean shorts. Her legs although a little bit big for her age, had a nice shape and healthy color to them. She wiggled out of the shorts, purposely I believe, shaking her ass only a couple of very short feet from my face. My dick began its metamorphosis already as I gawked at the skimpy bikini bottom she was wearing. It was way too small for her frame and was very narrow at the hips. The tie-together ’strings’ connecting the front and back hooked up high and very tight on her hips. Almost half of her wonderfully round ass was exposed as the bikini rode up her ass before she ‘fixed’ it with her fingers.

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