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Base story susie summer in diapers chap 1

use to wear diapers  

May 29, 2009

Once her uncle closed the door behind him, Susie was surprised at how dark it was in the room. Isolated in the darkness, she snuggled into her warm, cozy sleeper and the hugging reassurance of the soft diaper material against her loins. Exhausted by the day’s events, Susie quickly drifted off to sleep only to wake a half hour later with an urgent need to move her bowels. At first, she struggled to hold out. But after ten minutes, she quickly realized it was hopeless and she called out in desperation for her uncle. A few minutes later, he came the steps and down the hall to her room. Rather than coming in, he just opened the door and stuck his head through. ‘Uncle Jack, please ... I need to go to the bathroom real bad ... number two ... please undo my sleeper and let me up.’ ‘I’ll do no such thing, little girl. The first thing Baby Susie needs to learn this summer is how to use her diapers and the sooner she learns the better. You are to stay put until your naptime if over. If you need to wet or make a poopie, that what your diapers are for. Now I don’t want to hear another peep from you until I get you up from your nap in an hour. If I do, you will spend the entire afternoon in messy diapers on a baby blanket on the living room floor and you’ll get a good paddling after I change you.’ With that, he closed the door and left Susie alone in the darkness. A burst of hot tears washed over her as she realized how utterly helpless she was. Locked into her diapers and sleeper, there was nothing she could do to reach the toilet. Despite the hopelessness of her situation, Susie continued to fight the growing pressure in her bowel for another twenty minutes. At some point, she rolled over onto her stomach instinctively, knowing the end was near. Minutes later, despite her best efforts to hold back, her bowel erupted into a series of spasms and emptied a large, hot mess into her disposable diaper. A long gush of urine followed her poopie as Susie lost all control. As she loaded her baby diaper, Susie burst into a fresh round of tears. Yet she also felt relief as her abdominal cramps subsided. And somehow the helplessness of her situation made what she had just done less terrible. Without realizing it, she clutched the baby bottle to her lips, began sucking on more warm milk, and drifted off into another period of sleep. She awoke forty five minutes later with the sound of Uncle Jack’s reassuring voice and the sensation of his big hand on the seat of her sleeper against her full diaper. ‘Did Baby Susie make a nice poopie in her didees? Did she? What a good girl you are, Susie ... using your diapers just like a real baby on your first nap. I know it’s going to be hard the first few times but you’ll get used to it over the next two weeks. Daddy’s only rule at naptime is that you fill your diapers before he gets you up. Amanda only needed suppositories at naptime and bedtime for three weeks last summer. After that, she was using her diapers on her own without any special help from Daddy. When you learn to relax and use your diapers freely just like a little baby girl, you’ll be much happier in your diapers. I promise.’
The whole time he spoke, he continued to massage her bottom gently, as if encouraging her to get used to the feel of her messy diapers. Susie lay there, sucking her thumb and crying quietly until her uncle slid the railing down and helped her out of bed. Instead of changing her as she expected, Uncle Jack took his ‘little potty pants’ downstairs and led her into the living room. Susie toddled along like a two year old, the sticky feeling of her fanny making her walk awkwardly. After sitting down in a big stuffed chair, Uncle Jack swept her into his arms and gave her a big hug, one hand catching her squarely on her bottom and gently massaging the seat of her diapers against her further. ‘That’s my good girl, Susie. Since you’ve been such a good girl during your first nap, Daddy is going to read you a story. Amanda, please get Susie another bottle of warm milk. I’m going to put her in my lap and I read her a nice story.’ Uncle Jack lifted the sleepy youngster up and placed her on his lap, holding her closely against his broad chest. He then took ‘Peter Rabbit’ off a nearby table and began reading to Susie while Amanda heated up the milk. A few minutes later, he pushed the nipple of a fresh baby bottle into her mouth. Enfolded in her warm jammies and her Uncle’s strong arms, Susie began sucking on her milk and closed her eyes as her uncle continued reading. By the end of the story, she had almost forgotten about her messy diapers. After her bottle was finished, Uncle Jack took her into the kitchen and put a bib around her neck and spoon fed her some Gerbers Baby Food as a snack. Only then, a full hour after she had come down, did he take Susie back upstairs. First he put her up on her bed, unlocked her sleeper, and removed it. Next he put her hands in the soft velcro restraints before announcing, ‘Angel, it’s time to change your diapers and clean you up. Since you’ve just had a bottle of milk, we’ll use this pacifier to make sure you don’t fuss during your changing. OK sweetheart?’ Susie nodded weakly, knowing a bottle or pacifier was coming whether she wanted it or not. After getting a pacifier off the dresser and putting it into her mouth, Uncle Jack lifted her legs high in the air to take off her plastic baby pants. He then removed her dirty diaper while praising her again for being such a good girl during her first nap. ‘You’re going to be my good baby all summer, aren’t you Susie? Yes you are. You going to make all your BM’s in your diapers for the next two months. And Daddy’s going to change your diaper regularly to make sure Baby Susie doesn’t get a diaper rash. Now lift up so Uncle Jack can wipe Susie’s bottom clean ... that’s my good little girl.’ As he cleaned her up with toilet paper and Baby Wipes, Uncle Jack continued showering her with praise for being such a good baby. When she was clean as a whistle, he applied some more baby oil to her diaper area and rubbed it in well. He then returned to the dresser and fetched two cloth diapers. After folding them in two, he slipped them under Susie’s bottom and brought them up between her legs. He then pinned them in place with two pins on each side. As he shook out a pair of greyish semi-transparent plastic pants, he commented, ‘Two thick diapers should hold you until after dinner, Susie? What do you think?’ Knowing she wasn’t expected to answer, Susie continued to lie there sucking on her pacifier while he finished diapering her. He then released her wrists from the restraints and slipped a short yellow and blue sun dress which barely covered her plastic pants and diapers. Finally, he announced it was time to go to the beach. By then, it was three o’clock and the sun had been out for at least an hour. It had warmed up to 85 degrees under an almost cloudless sky. When Susie balked at going to the beach in such a short sun dress, Uncle Jack quickly warned, ‘Princess, I expect you to obey me at all times this summer. If you ever disobey me, I will take your plastic pants and diapers down and give you a sound spanking on the spot, no matter who is present. If I hear one more word out of you, you’ll get a good spanking and then you’ll go to the beach with just a bathing suit over your diapers and baby pants. Now do as Uncle Jack says or you will be a very sorry little girl.’ Again Susie felt overwhelmed with a sense of complete helplessness and started to cry. Comforting her with a hug, her uncle said,‘Don’t cry little Susie. You’ll have lots of fun at the beach. I promise. We’re bringing a pail and two shovels so you and Amanda can built a sand castle. Now be a good girl and come along with me.’ With that he lifted her out of her crib in his strong arms and set her on her feet before taking her by the hand and leading her downstairs. After gathering up a hamper, some beach chairs, and Susie’s pail and shovels, he led Susie out the door and along the path to the nearby beach. Fortunately, their cottage was right at the edge of the beach itself and they didn’t have to go far to go. And since the beach was private, it was fairly deserted, with only a few strollers passing by. They spread out a blanket for their things at the top of the beach a good distance from the water’s edge. After that, Amanda took charge of Susie and helped her get started on her sand castle. After an hour, as the sand castle began to take shape, Susie almost forgot she was in diapers. She was also glad to be outside the house, away from her baby room. Uncle Jack even surprised her when he opened the hamper and took out her favorite soda and some cookies. Around 4:00, Amanda asked Susie how she was doing and if she was still dry. She blushed and nodded as Uncle Jack commented,
‘I put two cloth diapers on her, Amanda. That should hold her until after dinner. ... Oh, hello Janet, how are you?’
Susie jerked around to see an older woman in her late forties coming up the beach. She recognized Uncle Jack’s neighbor and friend, Janet Baker.
‘Fine, Jack. How wonderful to see you. It’s been almost a year, hasn’t it. Hello Amanda. How nice to see you back this summer too. And who is this? Why that looks like Susie Springer if I’m not mistaken.’
‘It certainly is, Janet. Susie’s here for the whole summer. She’ll be staying all the way through to Labor Day.’
‘Splendid, Jack. This is the perfect place for a youngster to spend the summer months.’ As Mrs. Baker approached, Susie pressed her sundress down against the wind, trying desperately to keep her diapers covered up. Alas, her efforts only called more attention to what she was wearing. Not that it mattered. Mrs Baker had already seen everything as she walked toward the group. As Susie had crouched to work on her sand castle, her little sun dress had flared up in back, completely exposing her baby pants and diapers. After a long look directly at Susie’s sundress, Mrs. Baker said,
‘Jack, it looks as if Susie needs the same treatment Amanda had last summer.’ Susie looked down with a very red face while noting with some satisfaction that Amanda herself was blushing and looking away. To make matters worse, Uncle Jack spoke up immediately.
‘That’s right, Janet. Susie has a wetting problem which we’re going to take care of this summer. Today is her first day with us and she’s already learning how to use her diapers.’
‘I see. What a good girl you are, Susie. Don’t be embarrassed at needing diapers, child. You’d be surprised at how many youngsters your age have a wetting problem and still need nightime diapers. I always found it was a lot easier with my Jennifer than washing sheets every morning.’
Although Susie said nothing, Mrs. Baker’s sympathetic words made her feel a little better. And she wondered what she meant about washing sheets? Was Jennifer a regular wetter too? Was she still in diapers every night? As Susie continued to ponder these words, Uncle Jack invited Mrs. Baker to join them. After spreading out her big beach towel and sitting down, Mrs. Baker asked, ‘Do you still have those cute sleepers from last summer, Jack?’
‘We certainly do. Susie looks adorable in the pink one. Why don’t you come for dinner tonight? We’re having grilled fish and corn on the cob and you can see for yourself how that sleeper looks.’
‘I’d be delighted, Jack.’
The two neighbors soon settled into a long conversation, glad for the chance to catch up on the year’s events. Meanwhile, Amanda and Susie went back to their sand castle. After about thirty minutes, Uncle Jack leaned back and asked,
‘Susie, sweetheart, please come here so Uncle Jack can check your diaper. That’s the third ginger ale you’ve finished this afternoon.’
When Susie froze in place, Uncle Jack warned her in a quiet voice,
‘Susie, don’t make me take you back to the cottage and put you over my knee.’
That was enough to convince Susie. With a red face at the mention of a spanking before Mrs. Baker, she got up from her sand castle and waddled around to her uncle’s chair. He drew her up close without getting up.
‘Good girl ... now be still while I check you. I expect you not to fuss when you are being checked or changed, unless you want me to spank you right out here ... that’s a good girl ... come across my lap so I can check you.’ As Susie went limp, Uncle Jack pulled her across his thighs as if she was going to be spanked and tucked
her under his left arm before lifting her sundress. Susie’s face got even redder as she realized her plastic pants and diapers were completely exposed to Mrs. Baker and Amanda. Even before Uncle Jack could slip his finger under the plastic pants at the crotch, Mrs. Baker spoke up, ‘She certainly is wet, Jack... you can see it right through her baby pants.’
Sure enough, she was. Even Amanda took notice. Underneath Susie’s baby pants, they could all see a darker wet area n her diapers extending out from the crotch in a semi-circle across much of her bottom. Fortunately, at least a third of the diaper material was still completely dry. After checking further, Uncle Jack playfully smacked Susie’s plastic pants and said,
‘She’s not that wet Mrs Baker ... are you Susie? These diapers will do just fine until we go in for dinner.’ He then pulled her dress back down, lifted her to her feet, and patted her bottom through her sundress before and sending her back to the sand castle. Though Susie’s face burned red with shame at being seen in wet diapers by Mrs Baker, there was nothing she could do except hide behind Amanda. Fortunately, her uncle and Mrs. Baker quickly returned to their conversation as if Susie’s diaper check had been the most ordinary thing in the world. TO BE CONTINUED……

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