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May 29, 2009

The next morning, Amanda’s father checked on her daughter to make sure she stayed dry. After debating whether or not to make Amanda wear her baby doll nightie and diapers while Uncle Jack got Susie up for breakfast, he relented and removed the dry diaper so his daughter could wear big girl clothes. It was enough that Susie had heard Amanda get spanked the night before. When Susie heard Uncle Jack go into Amanda’s room that morning, she stirred in her sleep and woke up. She noticed with shock that she had messed herself sometime during the night without having woken. Apparently the cod liver oil had done its work. She was also quite wet. After breakfast and her morning diaper change, Susie stayed inside all morning. Since it was already quite hot, she played in the living room wearing nothing more than diapers, plastic pants, and a little sun dress. At 10:30, Mrs. Baker stopped by for coffee and sat with Uncle Jack on the porch while Susie played checkers with Amanda. Since Mrs. Baker had already seen Susie’s wet diapers the day before, Susie accepted her presence, knowing full well that she couldn’t have done anything about it anyway. At 11 AM, Amanda went upstairs and came down with a clean disposable, a pacifier, the baby oil, and the changing pad. Spreading the pad out on the rug, she changed Susie’s wet diaper with the older woman glancing in approvingly from the porch.
‘That’s the most adorable thing I think I’ve ever seen,’ Mrs Baker said as Susie lifted her own legs to allow Amanda to slip the dry diaper under her.
‘Isn’t it? Susie’s much better today. We may not even need suppositories for the first two weeks,’ Uncle Jack replied. Once Susie was back in a nice, dry diaper and her plastic plants pulled on, she brightened up considerably and resumed her checkers tournament with Amanda. After two more games, it was time for lunch. Mrs Baker stayed on as a guest and watched while Amanda spooned dribbly baby food into Susie’s mouth. When she finished, she wiped Susie’s face, took off her bib, and said,
‘Time for your afternoon nap, Baby Susie. Let’s go upstairs and get you tucked in to your jammies.’ Her curiosity aroused, Mrs Baker asked,
‘Do you mind if I go along, Jack. I’d love to see how you’ve set up Susie’s room.’
‘Not at all, Janet. You’ll see that Susie has everything a baby needs up there, doesn’t she’?
Susie protested momentarily until she saw the look on Uncle Jack’s face. So upstairs the three of them went. As Amanda put her down on her changing pad in her crib, fastened her wrists in the restraints, and inserted a pacifier, Susie’s face growing increasingly red. Mrs Baker looked on, evidently impressed by everything she saw. Amanda then took down Susie’s plastic pants, untaped and removed her wet, disposal diaper, and wiped her off thoroughly with Baby Wipes. She undid Susie’s wrists so she could turn her over before refastening her and slipping the special pillow under her loins.
‘We always take Susie’s temperature twice a day, at naptime and bedtime, Mrs. Baker.’
‘That’s a splendid idea, Susie,’ Mrs. Baker replied. ‘I find a baby thermometer is still preferable with my Jimmy when he acts like a little boy instead of a nineteen year old.’
After vaselining Susie’s bottom, Amanda slipped the thermometer in. Turning to Mrs. Baker, she asked,
‘Mrs. Baker, could you hold Susie’s thermometer in place while I get her baby things ready? I usually keep my hand here like this.’
‘Of course, dearie. I’d be happy to do that. Isn’t she the cutest thing you ever saw in her crib?’
After agreeing, Amanda handed Susie over to Mrs. Baker and went about getting everything ready. Turning to Mrs. Baker after five minutes, she asked,
‘How’s her temp, Mrs. Baker?’
Mrs. Baker pulled out the thermometer and checked it.
‘Fine, Amanda. I’d say you were taking excellent care of Baby Susie.’
‘We are, Mrs. Baker. Here ... let me have that thermometer so I can wash it before we continue.’
After washing the thermometer in the kitchen sink, Amanda returned it to the open jar of vaseline beside Susie’s bed. As she picked up the little jar of suppositories, Amanda’s eyes widened and she began whimpering and squirming, her fat bottom wagging back and forth.
‘Susie usually fusses when it’s time for her suppositories, Mrs. Baker. Sometimes she even needs a spanking to settle her down. We always give her two before her afternoon nap to make sure she uses her diapers like a good little baby girl. And she gets cod liver oil at bedtime. Of course, it’s all still very new to Susie but she’s already getting used to her new routine and I expect she won’t need suppositories in another week or two. Susie groaned audibly into her pillow as Amanda pried open her fat cheeks and slipped the two plugs into her bottom, one after another. Then Susie lifted her hips so Amanda could remove the pillow, unfasten her restraints, and turn her over. Already understanding what came next, Mrs. Baker herself fastened Susie’s wrists back into her restraints as Amanda opened the bottle of baby oil and squirted a liberal amount all over her hands. Once again, Susie squirmed and fussed as Amanda oiled her diaper area thoroughly. At one point, Mrs. Baker lifted Susie’s ankles high into the air so Amanda could oil her bottom. She also gave her three good spanks when Susie began fussing more than usual. Finally, Amanda rubbed her hands on a nearby towel and reached for the baby powder. Since the powdering took another five minutes, Susie’s exposure to Mrs. Baker dragged on and on. All Susie could think of was having her new diapers put on so she could at least regain some modesty. ‘You certainly are thorough with this big baby, aren’t you, Amanda,’
‘Yes, I am Mrs Baker. It’s an essential part of her summer training. The longer we spend on Susie’s baby needs, the more completely she will come to accept them. Now then ... I think that about does it. We’re ready for Susie’s disposable diaper.’
Amanda then lifted Susie’s legs and slipped the diaper into place before lowering Susie’s legs back down again, spreading them, and pulling the soft, rustling diaper up into place where she taped it snugly in place. Once it was secure, she finished Susie off with a pair of pink, semi-transparent plastic pants.
‘I thought you’d like these pink baby pants, Mrs. Baker. Aren’t they cute?’
‘They certainly are. Why I could just take Baby Susie and rock her to sleep in my arms right now.’ Mrs Baker gushed. Finally Amanda took Susie out of her restraints, put her in her pink sleeper, and locked the zipper in place. She then turned her over and patted her well-diapered bottom before kissing her good night. Mrs Baker also gave her a pat on the bottom and wished her a ‘good nightie night’ before turning to leave. Exactly an hour and a half later, Amanda came in to rouse Susie from her nap. Actually, Susie hadn’t gone to sleep since she wasn’t tired. And it was obvious from the odour that she was quite messy. Once again, Amanda took Susie downstairs. Fortunately, Mrs. Baker had left by then. Nor was Uncle Jack anywhere to be seen. A baby bottle sat on the table by the rocking chair. Amanda sat herself in the chair, smiled warmly at the sleepy Susie, and opened her arms.
‘Come here, sweetheart. Since you’ve been such a good girl during your nap, I’ll let you snuggle while you have your bottle.’ Since no one was there to see her, Susie allowed Amanda to put her on her lap where she snuggled against her full breasts as Amanda stroked her face and held her bottle. Just as she was finishing her milk, the front door swung open and in walked Uncle Jack, Mrs. Baker, and Mrs. Baker’s nineteen year old son, Jimmy. Susie tried to bolt from Amanda’s lap but her cousin held her firmly in place and whispered in her ear,
‘Young lady, if you try anything like that, I’ll change your diapers right here on the rug, is that clear?’
Susie nodded, already bright red at the fact as Jimmy Baker stared wide eyed at her bottle, her infant sleepers and her diaper bulge. Uncle Jack invited them to sit down on the couch while he got some lemonade from the kitchen. The two visitors made themselves comfortable and began having an ordinary conversation, with Jimmy glancing over frequently at Susie. Suddenly Mrs. Baker said,
‘Amanda, it seems you have a messy baby on your hands who needs changing. Am I right?’
‘Indeed you are Mrs. Baker. Susie was wetting her bed four or five time a week last spring so she’s undergoing a summer of diaper therapy and toilet training. Part of that means getting used messy diapers likea real baby. We usually don’t change her right away when that happens. Would you like to help me clean her up? I think she’d ready for a change?’ At that, Susie broke out in loud protests until Uncle Jack sternly rebuked her and told her she had earned a spanking as soon as she was changed. Again Susie loudly protested until Amanda literally lifted her onto her feet, smacked her diapered sleeper bottom hard four times, and led her back upstairs where she was put into her restraints, cleaned up, and changed into a single cloth diaper and her pink plastic rhumba style pants with a matching pink sun dress. Amanda then brought Susie back downstairs. As soon as they reached the living room, Uncle Jack got up from his chair with a stern look and took Susie by the hand from Amanda. ‘Give me that naughty little girl, right this minute. It’s time she learned what happens to children who disobey in this house.’ With Amanda and Mrs Baker looking on ready to offer assistance, there was nothing Susie could do except burst into tears as her uncle led her off into the kitchen. At least they were out of sight of the living room as he sat down on a kitchen chair, lifted into the air and placed her face down over his lap. With Susie protesting loudly the whole time, Uncle Jack flipped her sun dress up, pushed her plastic pants and diaper down to mid thigh, tilted her further over his left thigh, and began a long spanking. By the time he finished five minutes later, Susie was crying vigorously like any little girl who had just been soundly spanked over a paternal lap. Afterwards, Uncle Jack helped her up and marched her over to a corner in the living room where she had to stand for fifteen minutes. Although her diaper and rhumba plastic pants were back up, Susie had to keep her sundress up around her waist so everyone could see her diapers and rhumba pants. Meanwhile the four onlookers chatted away as if nothing unusual had happened. Finally, Uncle Jack said,
‘Is my naughty little Susie ready to behave herself like a good girl?’
When Susie sniffled yes from the corner, he replied,
‘Good then. Come over here so Uncle Jack can give you a hug.’
After hugging Susie, Uncle Jack told her she could play quietly with her dolls on the floor. While she was relieved her spanking ordeal had ended, her face remained red as she listened to Uncle Jack, Mrs. Baker, Amanda and Jimmy discuss her diaper needs over a glass of lemonade as if she weren’t even in the room. She was also embarrassed at the way her rhumba panties peeked out continually from beneath the hem of her short pink sun dress. After they all finished their drinks, Susie began whimpering about how bored she was until Amanda asked,
‘Susie, how would you like it if Jimmy and I to took you down for a walk on the beach in that pretty sun dress so everyone could see your diapers? That’s what’s going to happen if you don’t stop fussing. Why don’t I get another bottle for you?’ Jimmy watched, fascinated, while Amanda filled a baby bottle with apple juice and gave it to Susie with a slap on her diapered bottom to remind her what to drink it quietly. Susie had no choice but to put the bottle in her mouth and suck. For the rest of the afternoon, she played quietly with her dolls and stuffed animals on the floor while the others discussed various aspects of her baby needs from the merits of frequent spankings, corner time, rectal temps, baby baths, suppositories, bottles, naptime, and early bedtime. Then only relief for Susie came when Mrs. Baker casually mentioned Jimmy’s spankings and rectal temps and teasingly warned him she might have to put him back in diapers too if he misbehaved. Jimmy’s face went bright red instantly as he felt Susie’s wondering eyes looking at him. When Susie’s dinner time rolled around, she was quite wet after two more bottles of juice. Amanda took her upstairs and changed her before bringing her down and putting her in her chair for dinner. As Jimmy watched, Amanda tied a bib around Susie’s neck and fed her grown up food, going out of her way to dribble it all over Susie’s face. By the time she finished, Susie’s face was quite messy. It was also red once again.
After dinner, Amanda and Mrs. Baker took Susie up for her bath. Afterwards, Amanda dried Susie off and led her into her bed room. She then sat down on her desk chair, lifting her skirts out of the way, and put Susie over her lap. Already Susie had broken down helplessly and was crying like a ten year old as she realized she was going to get another spanking and this one right in front of Mrs. Baker.
‘Quite fussing, child. It’s not as if Mrs. Baker has never seen a spanking before.’
‘That’s right, Susie,’ Mrs. Baker chimed in. ‘I find I have to turn Jimmy over my knee at least twice a week. Actually, he has a bed time spanking coming tonight, just like you do, for disobeying me this morning.’ Although Susie could not see it, Jimmy’s face turned bright red again downstairs as his mother’s words reached him. After taking Susie wrists firmly in her left hand, Amanda spanked her younger cousin using the same technique her father used until Susie was sobbing. Afterwards, she stood Susie up for a long hug.
‘I’m sorry Amanda had to spank you, Susie, but you know how naughty you were this afternoon and you know what happens to little girls in this house whenever they are naughty.’
Since Susie’s head was buried in Amanda’s shoulder, all she could do was nod her head hug her older cousin more tightly.
‘Are you going to be a good girl while we put you into your nightime diapers, Susie?’ Once again, Susie nodded and hugged Amanda back more tightly.
‘OK, sweetheart. Let’s get you up on your changing pad, shall we?’
With help from Mrs. Baker, they lifted her easily onto her pad, face down, put her wrists in place, and arranged the pillow underneath. As Amanda took Susie’s temperature, she was pleased to see her sucking almost contentedly on her pacifier. Apparently the spanking had helped settle her down. After checking her temperature, they took away the pillow, undid her restraints, turned Susie over, put her back into her restraints, and then proceeded with her diapering. After slipping on the pink, rhumba panties, Amanda asked,
‘Susie, if you think you are ready, we can go from the pink sleeper with the zipper to a regular sleeper with snaps. Do you think you can be trusted not to try to take off your diaper in the night?’
When Susie nodded, Amanda added, ‘Just to be sure, I am going to lock your bathroom door tonight as well as your bedroom door. If you want more freedom, you’ll have to show us that you are a real baby.’
Susie nodded, not sure this was the same as freedom but happy not to be locked into her sleeper.
‘I think this sleeper will go nicely with your pink baby pants tonight, Susie,’ Amanda said as she selected another pink sleeper with pale blue bunny rabbits from Susie dresser. With help from Mrs. Baker, the two had the sleeper on quickly and all the snaps along the legs and crotch done up. Then it was time for Susie’s cod liver oil which she took with a big grimace. With a big hug and kiss from Amanda and from Mrs. Baker, Susie was put to bed with another bottle of warm milk. Then Amanda locked her bathroom door and the two women left. As Susie lay there, she realized that even there was no place to go potty even if she did take off her diaper. And so with a few more tears of resignation, she sucked on her bottle until she fell asleep. The next morning when Amanda brought her down for breakfast, she and Uncle Jack both complimented Susie for bring such a ‘good girl’ and not needing the locking sleeper. That morning, she had a big breakfast of scrambled eggs. No one seemed to care in the slightest that she was sitting in messy diapers. Even Susie was beginning to get used to it. And afterwards, she put up no protest as Amanda brought her pad and diaper things downstairs and changed her on the living room rug. Since it was already turning into a hot day, Amanda put another very short sun dress over Susie which did nothing to hide the pink ruffles of her rhumba baby pants peeking out in back. When Jimmy arrived soon after that wearing a swim suit, Amanda, Jimmy, and Susie all went down to the beach with a picnic basket and a large bag full of towels and other things. Since Susie was wearing just a single disposable, Amanda checked her every hour by tucking a finger under her plastic pants. By 11:00, Susie was wet enough to need changing and fully expecting to be taken up to the cottage. To her surprise, Amanda told Jimmy to go down for a swim while she changed Susie. She then reached into her large bag and pulled out her pad, some baby oil, baby wipes, and a clean disposable diaper. Despite Susie’s objections, Amanda spread out the pad on her towel, made Susie lie down, and lifted her legs in the air so she could pull off her plastic pants and untape her wet diaper. As she looked off to her left, she was horrified to see Jimmy watching from about a hundred yards away. She protested through her pacifier until Amanda gave her bare fanny two sharp smacks. It wasn’t long before Susie’s new disposable was taped into place and Amanda was pulling her plastic pants back up. Then she waved Jimmy back from the shallow water where he was playing and watching. An hour later, Amanda took Susie up for lunch while Jimmy went home for lunch with his mom. After discussing whether she still needed her suppositories, Uncle Jack decided to cut it down to one and see how things went. Sure enough, when Amanda went in to check on Susie an hour and a half later, one was enough. To reward Susie for being so good, Amanda took her downstairs and rocked her on her lap for a half hour while she had another bottle. She then took her back upstairs and changed her before letting her come back down to play with her dolls for the rest of the afternoon. After giving her her bath and taking her temperature, Amanda put Susie to bed without a sleeper since it was so hot. By the end of the second week, Susie didn’t need naptime suppositories. She had learned to use her diapers naturally, just like a real baby. She still needed cod liver oil, at night, however, to ensure regularity in the morning. By the third week, Susie messed her diaper once at night without waking up. Most of the time, she soiled himself in the morning while lying in bed awake or downstairs after breakfast while playing. By the fifth week, messy diapers had become sufficiently routine for Susie that she simply pooped in them without thought whenever the need arose. One day she even surprised Amanda and Jimmy at the beach in the middle of making a sand castle after lunch. She was wearing a disposable diaper and white plastic pants under a sun dress when she suddenly stopped digging with her shovel, pitched forward at an awkward angle, and grunted for a full minute as she made a big poopie. Knowing she wouldn’t get changed for awhile - she never was after messing himself - Susie just sat back down again in the sand and continued playing. Amanda and Jimmy exchanged glances and smiled. By the middle of the second month, Susie behaved like any other baby. She was not even embarrassed anymore, even when Mrs. Baker or Jimmy was visiting. If Susie was already downstairs, all wet diapers were changed in the living room, with Jimmy sent to the next room first. For messy diapers, Susie was usually taken upstairs to be changed. A few times, Susie looked over from the pad on the living room floor as she was being changed and saw Jimmy peeking from the kitchen. Instead of complaining or pointing him out, she pretended not to have noticed though her heart began beating rapidly. There was something exciting about having a handsome, nineteen-year old boy secretly watch her while she was stripped naked like a little baby and changed into dry diapers. She was also excited every time she was taken upstairs and spanked while he was visiting or when his mother referred to a spanking he had just received or was going to get that night at bedtime. Once, when the grown ups let Jimmy come up and get her up from her afternoon nap, he had bent over her crib and kissed her as she lay there in her pink sleeper - the first time a boy had ever kissed her. By the end of the summer, Jimmy was kissing her whenever he had a chance and fondling her diapered bottom under her sun dress when no one was looking. Susie wondered if she was going to be back for another summer. THE END

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