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May 29, 2009

By the time they gathered up their things and headed back to the cottage around 5:00, Susie was even wetter and eager for a change. Instead of placing her on the changing pad in her crib, Uncle Jack took the pad into the bathroom and laid it out on the rug. After staring the bath water, he pulled off Susie’s sun dress and helped her lie on the pad where he quickly removed her plastic pants and wet diapers. He then dropped her wet diapers into the diaper pail marked SUSIE and washed out the plastic plants in the sink before hanging them up to dry on a towel rack. The whole time, Susie lay completely naked on her back on her changing pad, feeling like the smallest little girl in the world. ‘Susie Princess, I will be giving you a bath every night before dinner. After your bath, before going downstairs to eat. Amanda will feed you dinner between 6 and 7, after which you are free to play for an hour. At 8, I will bring you upstairs and change you into thick, nightime diapers after your temperature and your bedtime spanking. If you’ve been a good girl, Daddy will let you take your bedtime bottle snuggled on his lap while he reads you a nice story. If you’ve been naughty that day, Daddy will put you right to bed after your spanking with no snuggling and no story. Do you understand?’ Susie knew it didn’t matter whether she ‘understood’ or not. A few tears trickled down her cheek as she realized how she was going to be spanked every night at bedtime all summer. ‘It’s all for your own good, Susie. The faster you accept your need to be a baby, the more effective your toilet training will be when we start in August. A complete baby routine is very important at the beginning. Just ask Amanda. She went through this last summer and it cured her wetting completely. I know it’s tough at first but you’ll get used to it after a few weeks. Amanda was the same way.’ Hearing that her older cousin had gone through the same treatment helped Susie stop sniffling as her uncle got her into the bath. The hot water also helped relax her as did the feel of the soapy sponge all over her as he washed her thoroughly. By the time he let the water out and stood her up to dry her off, Susie’s whole body was flushed bright pink and warm all over. She felt somewhat better about things without really understanding why. And she was secretly pleased at all the compliments Uncle Jack had lavished on her.
After he dried her off with a soft towel, Uncle Jack took Susie and her changing pad back into her bedroom and placed the pad in her crib. After lifting her up and onto the pad, he went to the dresser and fetched her diaper things. He returned with an armful of diapers, oil, powder, plastic pants, and the pink sleeper. And he also brought a pacifier which he put into her mouth. After baby oiling her all over and giving her a full-body powdering, Uncle Jack slide two folded cloth diapers under Susie’s raised bottom and pinned them snugly in place. He then shook out a pair of plastic pants. This time, it was a pair of opaque white plastic pants decorated with Disney characters. They were considerably heavier than the semi-transparent plastic pants and they crackled loudly whenever Susie moved her legs. Finally Uncle Jack slipped on the pink sleeper without bothering to use the little padlock.
By the time they went back downstairs for dinner, Mrs. Baker had already arrived and was in the kitchen helping Amanda with the dinner. Seeing them come down the stairs, she came out of the kitchen and greeted them warmly. As Uncle Jack led Susie around the living room in a fashion parade, her thick diapers bulged out against the tight sleeper and her plastic pants crackled loudly. After admiring her outfit, Mrs. Baker said,
‘Oh doesn’t she look adorable. How many diapers is that child wearing, Jack? It looks like she is set for the whole night.’
‘Just two folded cloth diapers, for now, Janet. I’ll change her into thicker night diapers after her bedtime spanking. She’ll get a disposable diaper then with two cloth diapers to take care of her nightime BM’s and the heavier wetting. As you can hear, I’ve already got her in heavier plastic pants.’
Susie’s face flushed an even deeper deep red as Mrs Baker asked,
‘Jack, how many BM’s has she made today?’
‘Just one so far, during her nap. We’re using two suppositories at naptime to make sure she gets used to using her diapers right away. And she’ll gets another two at bedtime, at least for the first few weeks. After that, we’ll see how well she does on her own. Once she learns to use her diapers like a real baby, we won’t need suppositories. Amanda, why don’t you take Susie to the kitchen and feed her dinner. We’ll eat a little bit later.’
‘OK, Dad. Come on, Susie. Let’s get our baby fed, shall we?’ Susie allowed Amanda to lead her by the hand into the kitchen, eager to escape further humiliating conversation. Fortunately, Amanda let her eat grown up food this time though she insisted on feeding it to Susie herself. She also made her wear a bib to catch the dribbles which fell over her chin and did not allow her to use a napkin or to wipe her face. Towards the end of her dinner, Uncle Jack and Mrs. Baker came by to pick up their dinner and take it out to the table on the porch. They both smiled at the sight of a bibbed Susie with food all over her face. When Susie tried to wipe her chin, Uncle Jack warned, ‘Put your hands down, young lady, unless you want a spanking right here in the kitchen.’
‘Does she need many spankings, Jack?, Mrs Baker asked with a twinkle in her eye.
‘Not so far, Janet. Susie’s generally very well behaved, especially since she knows she what will happen if she isn’t. As Amanda learned last summer, any misbehavior means a longer bedtime spanking.’
‘Does Amanda still get bedtime spankings, Jack?’
‘Not every night, Janet. She is behaving much better this summer and we’re down to two or three a week, plus the occasional daytime correction. Unfortunately, Amanda has a bedtime spanking coming tonight, don’t you Amanda?’
‘DADDYYYY,’ Amanda wailed, her face reddening as she suddenly became the focus of attention.
Not letting her daughter off the hook, Uncle Jack continued,
‘Amanda promised to have the laundry done while Susie was taking her nap but she forgot and went to the beach with a friend, didn’t she? Frankly, she was probably due for a bedtime spanking anyway. She hasn’t gone over my knee in five days and it’s starting to show.’
Once again, Amanda protested,
‘Daddyyy, please, let’s talk about this later. I’m almost twenty’.
‘That’s right, young lady. And a twenty year old girl is too old to be turned over my knee twice a week and spanked on her bare bottom. But we both know that’s exactly how Daddy is going to handle you as long as you continue to act like a naughty fifth grader. Beside, Mrs. Baker knows how I handle you. Have you forgotten last summer when I put you over my knee in the living room?’
Amanda blushed even more and looked down, this time without answering her father.
‘I remember that evening, Jack,’ Mrs. Baker volunteered. ‘And judging from what I’ve observed of Amanda’s behavior, she still needs regular firm discipline to keep her in line. Though Jennifer is in ninth grade, I intend to keep spanking her as long as she is living under my roof whenever she misbehaves. It works wonders, let me tell you. She’s always an angel after a good spanking.’
‘Amanda’s the same way, Janet. Which is why I intend to continue punishing her like a little girl when she needs it. In many ways, she still is a little girl inside.’
‘Does Amanda still cry like a little girl during a spanking, Jack?’
Amanda’s face went an even deeper red as she stared at the table.
‘Just like a little girl. Yes, Janet. It’s the best indication I have that she’s learning a good lesson and still needs to be spanked at her age. Overall, I’ve made real progress with her these past two years. She needs far fewer spankings than she did last summer when bedtime discipline was more of a nightly routine.’
‘I use a weekly spanking hour with Jennifer, every Sunday night after dinner. If she’s been naughty that week, she learns a good lesson. And if she’s been good, she still gets a firm reminder that she is Mommy’s little girl and that she’s going to be spanked until she gets married. And when that time does come, I’m going to have a private chat with her fiancee so he understands how to handle her when she misbehaves.’ As each new detail came out, Susie grew more fascinated, searching Amanda’s face for her reaction. Suddenly she couldn’t care less that she was sitting there with a bib and food all over her face wearing diapers and toddler jammies. Her beautiful older cousin was going to get a bare bottom spanking that very evening and Susie would be able to hear everything from her room. To escape from the embarrassing conversation, Amanda suddenly asked Susie if she was finished and ready for go to her room to play. Since Susie’s plate was clean, Amanda quickly wiped her face with a wet cloth, took off her bib, and took her into the living room where the two girls played as Uncle Jack and Mrs. Baker had dinner. Susie could barely keep her mind on her toys, knowing her first bedtime spanking was rapidly approaching. Finally, the chair scraped on the porch and Uncle Jack came in to take her upstairs. He led her into the bathroom and asked her to brush her teeth while he got a few things ready. When she finished, her uncle called her into her room. As she entered, her heart fluttered at the sight of her uncle sitting in a straight backed chair near her bedside table, the jar of vaseline and thermometer in his hand. On the table was the little jar of suppositories. ‘Come over here, little girl, so Daddy can get you out of your sleeper and take your temperature. Susie walked over and allowed him to unzip her sleeper and slip it down off her arms and all the way to her feet. Uncle Jack then took the tearful child over his lap where he removed her plastic pants and unpinned her diapers. Folding them down in back and putting the pins carefully on the nearby table, he soon had her bottom well vaselined and the thermometer held securely in place, his big hand cupping her cheeks in a way which announced what was coming next. Already Susie had begun crying softly and squirming her full bottom from side to side, ‘Please Daddy ... I don’t want a spanking ... please not a spanking.’
‘Hush sweetheart. You know a spanking each night at bedtime will help you learn to behave and to be Daddy’s perfect angel. Besides, any girl who still needs diapers and baby pants and who wets and messes her diapers just like a baby is certainly not too old for bedtime spankings. Now lie still while Daddy takes your temperature.’ As Susan lay there, continuing to squirm, she could hear Mrs. Baker and Amanda doing the dishes downstairs. That meant they would be able to hear her spanking just as easily. After Daddy took the thermometer out and pronounced Susie fit as a fiddle, he inserted her nightime suppositories and announced it was time for her spanking. As his big hand fell onto her bare bottom, it covered each of her big cheeks in a single smack. Though she wanted to be brave, Susie was unable to hold back from sobbing like a baby just two minutes after her spanking began. Uncle Jack spanked her steadily for a good five minutes until her whole bottom was bright red and her face a tear-streaked mess. Somehow, the soft diaper material felt comforting under Susie’s loins during her spanking. And when her uncle sat her up afterwards and told her how much he loved her and how well she had taken her first spanking, she found herself hugging him back with an intensity which surprised her. Without breaking the hug, he lifted her in his strong arms and carried her over to her crib and laid her on the changing pad. He then retrieved the two cloth diapers which had fallen to the floor and laid them out on the bed with the four diaper pins, a disposable diaper, and the baby oil. Next, he put her wrists in the velcro restraints and gave her a warm bottle of milk which she quickly placed between her lips. This time, Susie lifted and opened her legs instinctively for her oiling, glad to have the soothing baby oil on her stinging bottom. Within five minutes, she was safe and sound in her thick, rustling, nighttime diapers and plastic pants, her sleeper zipped up to her chin and her forehead tingling with her uncle’s good night kiss as he turned out the lights and left. Uncle Jack then returned to join Mrs. Baker on the porch where they wiled away another hour. Eventually, it was time for Mrs. Baker to head home. As she was leaving the front door, Uncle Jack called Amanda over.
‘Come say goodbye to Mrs Baker, Amanda.’
‘Yes, Daddy,’ Amanda said.
‘Good night Amanda,’ Mrs Baker said with a mischievous smile. ‘Good night Mrs. Baker,’ Amanda replied, blushing again.
Before seeing Mrs Baker off, Uncle Jack turned to Amanda and said,
‘I want you to go to your room and change into your baby doll nightie and matching panties and wait for me in the corner, young lady. Daddy will be up to take care of you after I clean up a few things down here.’ With a red face, Amanda nodded before fleeing up the stairs and going into her room. Slowly, reluctantly, she undressed and changed into her nightie. It was baby pink with a pair of heavily ruffled, rhumba-style panties peeking out below the hemline. Though Amanda realized Susie would probably wake up and hear everything, she was grateful not to be seen by her cousin in this girlish outfit. Little did she realize Susie was still wide awake and straining in her bed to hear every sound that came through the thin walls. At last, Amanda’s father finished his chores and came up to find Amanda standing obediently in the corner.
‘Good girl, Amanda. I’m glad you did what you were told. Now come over here so Daddy can give you a good spanking before putting you to bed. That’s a good girl, over my lap, that’s right ... all the way over Daddy’s lap. I’m going to teach you a lesson tonight that you won’t forget. Let’s get these little girl panties down ... like this....’ Although Amanda’s father was speaking in a quiet voice, Susie had climbed quietly out of her bed and pressed her ear to the wall so she could hear everything. She made a mental note to search her cousin’s dresser to see what these panties looked like. Suddenly, she heard the distinct sound of a hand landing hard on a bare bottom and a quiet ‘Ow’ from Amanda. Immediately a second and a third spank followed and then a long series of regular spanks as if this was a familiar routine for both father and daughter. Like her father, Uncle Jack spanked fairly quickly, landing one spank about every two seconds. And as Susie listened, she suddenly realized that her cunny was soaking wet in her diapers.
Had Susie been in the room, she would have seen Uncle Jack’s hand alternate from one cheek to the other as Amanda’s fleshy cheeks bounced wildly back and forth with each spank. Amanda had 38 inch hips and a very large bottom which required many spanks to cover her cheeks. Within three minutes, her fat bottom was completely pink and Amanda was already beginning to cry, though rather softly in the hopes Susie would not hear. Her father guessed she was trying to hold back but knew it wouldn’t last. Sooner or later, Amanda reached a certain emotional release when she felt free to cry her heart out like any other little girl being soundly spanked. Knowing her daughter’s need for that release and the way it brought the two of them together in an intense bond, Uncle Jack always spanked her well past the point when she began sobbing. He also knew how effective a lengthy spanking was in bringing good behavior. Years of experience had convinced Uncle Jack that short spankings were ineffective in curbing mischief and teaching a naughty child proper limits. Since he usually used his hand, saving the paddle for the most serious mischief, his spankings never left lasting damage other than a very warm bottom for the next few hours. Instead, his method was to spank for a longer period of time, usually five to ten minutes until Amanda completely forgot about how old she was, until she became a little girl who knew deep down that she still needed firm guidance and supervision from someone older than her. That was why she always cried so freely in the end. During the course of a good spanking, sooner or later she realized she really was a little girl in many ways and that she still needed someone to set firm limits for her and make sure she stayed within them.
With all this in mind, Uncle Jack ignored her daughter’s soft cries and continued spanking her big bottom, watching as it grew steadily redder and listening as Amanda’s resolve broke down. Sometime around four minutes into her spanking, Amanda lost it and began crying loudly with a manner normally seen in much younger girls. As always, her father reminded her that her real spanking had just begun and continued spanking her for another five minutes. That was another reason she never held back for long. Her father always spanked her for five minutes after hearing the genuine crying which indicated true penitence and the learning of a good lesson. By the time he finished, Amanda had received at least 300 spanks and she was sobbing freely without inhibitions, kicking her legs out together in parallel frog-like kicks just like a ten year old. Jack kept her daughter over his lap for another five minutes, rubbing her sore cheeks softly and telling her how much he loved her until her crying subsided. Then he spoke the words Amanda had been fearing all along.
‘I think we’ll put you in punishment diapers tonight, Amanda, just to make sure you learn a good lesson. Please stand up and get on your bed while I get your diaper things ready.’ Amanda had been dreading this possibility through the long spanking, especially because Susie might hear everything and find out she still had to wear nighttime diapers two or three times a week. Though she didn’t wet anymore, her father usually added nightime diapers and baby pants as an extra punishment after a bedtime spanking since he knew it would bring back vivid memories of the previous summer. After a summer of intensive diaper therapy, baby clothes were a highly effective reminder of Amanda’s juvenile status. After Amanda’s father helped her up to her feet, he directed her to her bed with a couple more spanks. He then went to Amanda’s dresser and opened the lowest drawer which was full of large disposable diapers and plastic pants. He took out two disposables and a pair of pink plastic pants and closed the drawer.
By then, Amanda was already lying in bed, her legs lifted up in anticipation of her diapering as she rubbed her big sore fanny with both hands. She was then diapered in double disposables (to add extra bulk and rustling noise to her infantile status) and plastic pants were slipped over her diapers. Before he left, she had to give her Daddy a big hug and promise to be a good girl so she wouldn’t need another spanking soon. And with a final kiss on her forehead, Daddy tucked his well-spanked, diapered daughter into bed and turned out the light. TO BE CONTINUED……..

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