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Online : Apr 20, 2009
Updated : May 11, 2011

Although Susie Springer’s occasional bed wetting problem was well known in her extended family, it was especially embarrassing that Saturday morning when the eighteen year old woke up to find her pyjamas soaked once again. That was the weekend her father had company. It could have been worse. At least the company was her favorite uncle, Uncle Jack, and his daughter, Amanda. Though Amanda was a year older than Susie, they had grown up together almost like sisters with many summers at Uncle Jack’s lakeside cottage. And now they were visiting the Springers for the Christmas holidays. Had this happened a few years earlier, Susie would have been much less embarrassed at having Uncle Jack and Amanda around. Amanda herself had wet the bed, and had only outgrown it with the help of a special summer before at the cottage. While no one had ever told Susie about the details, it had apparently involved diapers and a new round of toilet training. The thought of her favorite teenage cousin in diapers had intrigued Susie greatly. Yet she was also glad her father had never tried anything like that. Fortunately, it had never come to that since her own problem had largely subsided by the time she turned thirteen.
Unfortunately, things had changed for the worse after her mother died in a car accident soon after she turned fifteen. At first, her father had patiently changed the sheets whenever Susie woke up wet. Since he had continued using a plastic sheet all along for Susie’s one or two wet nights per month, it was not such a chore when Susie’s wetting problem got worse. But when her wetting went back up to two or three nights a week in the months following her mother’s death, Susie’s father grew increasingly concerned and called his brother for advice. It was Uncle Jack who has suggested he try spanking her on wet mornings.
A week later, in early November, Susie’s father had called her into his room one night before bedtime and promised her a spanking every morning she woke up wet. While her father had always used spankings as his normal method of discipline, it seemed unfair to Susie that she was going to be spanked for something she could not control. Despite her complaints, her father remained firm. And so it was that Susie found her bare bottom turned over her father’s knee two or three times a week for the rest of November and December. They worked out a little routine. Susie had to stay in bed each morning until her father came in to inspect. If she was wet, he pulled her out of bed, sat down on her desk chair, and put a folded towel over his lap to keep his clothes dry. He then pulled Susie’s wet nightie up, placed his daughter over his lap, and peeled down her white cotton panties before giving her a good five minute spanking. It was the spanking as much as anything which had Susie so worried that morning just before Christmas when she woke up wet. In a house with thin walls with her uncle and cousin sleeping just down the hall, she knew they would hear everything and ask questions at breakfast. It was little consolation to know Amanda herself was still spanked by Uncle Jack when she misbehaved. For Susie had reached the age when she was now acutely conscious of her body. She didn’t want anyone else to know she was still treated like a little girl, much less that she wet like one. And she certainly didn’t want to have to face her favorite uncle and older cousin at the breakfast table after they had just listened to her cry her way through a bare bottom spanking. Even worse was the knowledge that Uncle Jack would probably know why she was being punished since the whole idea had been his suggestion. She had even overheard her father telling Uncle Jack about her morning spankings on the phone two weeks earlier. It was bad enough that he knew. It was far worse to be spanked in the same house and have to face her uncle and cousin afterwards at breakfast while everyone discussed your wetting problem. A big lump formed in Susie’s throat as she worried about what was about to happen. It wasn’t long before she heard the sounds of her father coming down the hall. Then he was already in her room, opening her curtains and greeting her as usual. ‘How’s my little Angel doing this morning? Did you sleep well, honey?’ he asked.
‘Yes, Daddy ... I slept fine,’ Susie replied, hoping he might just forget or pass on the inspection this morning. Her father crossed over to the bedside and kissed Susie good morning.
‘And how is your bed this morning? Hmmm? Did we keep the bed dry like a good girl?’
Every morning it was the same. Regardless of her response, he always pulled back the covers to see for himself. In the hopes that things might be different that morning, Susie clutched the covers briefly but after a little struggle, they came down anyway, revealing a girl in her very wet nightie. Because Susie’s father used a plastic sheet, Susie’s nightie was soaked from waist to knees. The urine had nowhere else to go.
‘My, my ... it looks like Daddy has another naughty wet girl this morning, doesn’t he, Susie. You should have thought twice about wetting this morning because I’m going to have to give you a wet girl spanking and Uncle Jack and Amanda are probably going to hear everything.’ ‘Please, Daddy... not with Uncle Jack and Amanda visiting ... please can’t you wait until after they leave?’ Susie pleaded in a loud whisper, trying to keep everything a secret until the very end.
‘You should have thought of that earlier, Angel, before you wet the bed. You know we agreed on a spanking every time Daddy found a ‘wet girl’ in the morning. And you know I told you last week we wouldn’t be changing the routine just because Uncle Jack and Amanda were coming. I’m sorry sweetheart, but now you’re just going to have to take your spanking like a big girl. I suggest you get out of bed and come over Daddy’s knee so we can take care of your spanking right away and get downstairs for breakfast.’
At first, Susie continued pleading in a loud whisper, knowing it was probably not going to work. It didn’t. After a little more back and forth, her father’s voice changed. ‘Susan Springer. Daddy is only going to ask you one more time and then he’s going to take you downstairs and spank you in the living room. Would you like that, Miss Wettums? Would you? No ... I didn’t think so. Now do as Daddy says and don’t make him angry.’
Even though Susie figured her father was making idle threats, she didn’t want to test him. With her eyes already tearing up, she slowly climbed out of bed, still protesting.
‘Daddy, please .. no ... not a spanking now ... please wait until after they leave... pleeeeease.’ Yet even as she begged for mercy and dragged her feet, she allowed her father to lead her firmly over to her desk where he pulled out the chair and sat down. Holding on to her firmly with one hand the whole time, he reached for the towel which was always left on her desk as a warning at bedtime and draped it over his knees. He then lifted Susie up by the arms as if she weighed nothing and pulled her forward well over his lap until her wet nightied bottom was high over his right knee with her feet kicking helplessly in the air. His left hand rested on the small of her back, keeping her head and shoulders well down toward the floor. As soon as he lifted Susie into the air and onto his lap, she began crying freely, as if a dam of resistance and false hope had burst and she was now free to get a head start on her crying. Her crying only intensified as her wet nightie came up over her hips and her Daddy lifted her up, again effortlessly, in order to draw her soaking wet white cotton panties down just below her knees. By the time the first spank, Susie had given up caring who heard what was happening and was crying openly like an eight year old, begging ‘Daddy’ not to spank her, and promising not to wet anymore. Though she didn’t want Uncle Jack or Amanda to hear her crying on top of everything else, the certainty that they would only added to her complete humiliation and intensified the very girlish sense of dependency which allowed her to cry in such a loud, infantile manner.
‘Daddy ... noooooo ... please mommmmmmyyyyyy ... noooooo ... please don’t spank me Daddy .... pleaaassseee ... I won’t wet my bed anymore .... pleeeeeaaaaaassssse ... I promise ... waaaaahhhhh waaaaaaahhh’
It was, she knew, much too late to beg off her spanking. It had already begun and the first spanks made her cry all the more freely as if she no longer cared who could hear. All she knew was that she had wet her bed like a little girl and that she was now learning a time-honored lesson over her Daddy’s knee.
SPANK SPANK SPANK ‘You aughty Susie... SPANK SPANK SPANK Daddy’s going to keep giving his big baby a good ... SPANK SPANK spanking... SPANK SPANK every time... SPANK SPANK she wets her bed. SPANK SPANK Any girl who still SPANK SPANK wets ... SPANK SPANK in my house... SPANK SPANK is not too old to be spanked SPANK SPANK like a little child...SPANK SPANK do you understand, Susie? SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK You bad little bed wetting baby ... you naughty big baby.’ By then, Susie could no longer respond coherently through her sobs. Instead she did the only thing she could manage ... she cried her heart out just like a real baby until her father decided she had had enough. Afterwards he held her in place rubbing her bottom until her crying subsided before letting her up and taking her into his lap for a nice good hug. ‘Do you promise Daddy you’ll try to be a good girl and keep your bed dry from now on, Susie?,’ he asked as she cradled her head against his shoulder. It was always the same question and she nodded as she hugged him back, glad that her spanking was over and that the cuddling she loved more than anything else had replaced it. She always wanted that cuddling to go on forever. But sooner or later, her father had to stop. On spanking mornings, he always gave her a bath dressed her himself to make her feel even more like a naughty child. That was something Uncle Jack had suggested. And he always put her to bed early that night, with a warning of what would happen the next morning if she was naughty and wet her bed again. By the time they got down to breakfast, Uncle Jack was already cooking scrambled eggs and Amanda was sitting at the table drinking orange juice. Both of them smiled warmly as they greeted Susie, her face still red from her crying. She did her best to greet them and felt better when Uncle Jack gave her a big hug.
‘Don’t be embarrassed, Susie, you know perfectly well lots of girls and boys your age have occasional wetting problems. Until the end of last summer, I spanked Amanda every morning when she woke up wet, didn’t I sweetheart?’Now it was Amanda’s turn to blush while Susie looked up with wide eyes. Eventually, the conversation returned to Susie. ‘Dan, I repeat my offer to take Susie for a summer of toilet training at the cottage if her problem persists. It worked for Amanda and I’m sure it would solve Susie’s little problem if it persists in May.’
‘Thank you, Jack. I just may take you up on that. Let’s see how things go in the spring. At some point, it will be necessary to go beyond plastic sheets and spankings but I want to give Susie a few more months to see if she can learn to control herself.’
‘Exactly as I would handle her, Dan. It’s probably just a temporary reaction to all the changes you’ve had here in the past year.’ As luck would have it, Susie’s problem did not get better that spring. By the middle of May, her father warned her that she would have to spend the summer at Uncle Jack’s cottage where he would toilet train her all over again. If anything, that prospect made Susie even more tense and prone to bedwetting. At times when she continued to wake up wet three or four mornings a week, Susie herself wondered if she didn’t need to try something else. And though the thought of nightime diapers at her uncle’s cottage was very scary, it was also a little comforting and even exciting. After all, her favorite cousin had gone through it and it had worked. When school ended, Susie’s father loaded her summer clothes into the family station wagon and drove her off to Uncle Jack’s cottage on Lake Erie. It was a private beach community, with homes and cottages scattered every few hundred yards down the beach for miles. Though Susie was frightened at what lay ahead, she was glad it would remain a family secret, shared by three other people at most.
After staying for lunch, her father drove off, leaving a nervous Susie to collect her bags and follow her uncle to her room. ‘Your room is right between mine and Amanda’s which will be very convenient. Don’t be alarmed by the hospital bed you’ll be using. I got it last summer from a local hospital which was going out of business and found it very helpful for Amanda. It’s just what one needs in a situation like this. And because it’s so high off the ground, we’ll be pulling the railings up at night so you don’t roll over in your sleep and fall out.’
Even with that warning, Susie could scarcely believe her eyes when she entered her room. The room was painted in pastel pinks with blue trim and pale yellow curtains at the windows. The hospital bed had itself been painted light yellow and looked more like a large crib than something from a hospital. It was indeed quite tall, with a mattress positioned almost four feet off the floor and wooden rails at the sides which came up another two feet. For now, the outside rail was down. As she patted the bedding, she heard the telltale rustle of a plastic sheet. And her eyes widened at the sight of a diaper pail with Susie’s name stenciled on it next to the bed. Apparently her uncle had thought of everything. She also noticed two restraints attached to the sides of the head board. When she lifted one up to see what it was, Uncle Jack said, ‘Don’t be alarmed, Susie. Those are just velcro restrainers to keep your hands out of the way for the first few weeks during diaper changes until you get used to things. Why don’t we put your clothes away, sweetheart, shall we?’ It was only when Susie turned that she saw the tall dresser against the wall behind the door. The bottom half was divided into three wide drawers. At waist level, the dresser receded two feet, forming a table top, before rising another two feet with three cupboards. The table top was laid out with numerous containers of vaseline, baby powder, baby oil, and baby wipes with plastic baby bottles and pacifiers at one end. Among the various things Susie saw an open jar of Vaseline with a thermometer sticking out of it. A big lump quickly formed in her throat. It was all too much for her to absorb at once. Of the three cupboards above the table area, stacks of cloth diapers filled the one at left. Two parallel piles of disposable diapers were stacked neatly in the central cupboard. There must have been at least fifty of them. And the cupboard at right was full of folded plastic pants. She watched as her uncle went through them thoughtfully, holding them up one at a time as if he wanted her to see all the different kinds before he chose one. There were opaque white pants with pastel animals, pink and blue pants with ruffles on the seat, and lots of semi-transparent pants in pink, yellow, and whitish grey. Holding up a pair of semi-transparent pink plastic pants, he put them aside on the table top and replaced the others. Turning to her with a little smile, he said, ‘I think these will do nicely for today, Susie, what do you think?’ Tears began trickling down Susie’s face as she began realize her uncle was not going to wait til bedtime to diaper her. ‘Don’t cry, Angel. Uncle Jack is going to take good care of you this summer. I suppose you can’t help be scared at first but diapers are the best way to take care of your problem, you’ll see. Deep down inside, someone who wets regularly at your age is just not ready to wear big girl clothes yet. The best way to learn to stay dry is to turn back the clock to the beginning and start all over with a new round of more thorough toilet training. And that means regular diapers for awhile until Uncle Jack sees that you are ready to begin using the potty.’ He came over and gave her a long hug as she cried quietly, at once terrified and yet immensely relieved that at last someone was going to take care of her and take away all of her big girl responsibilities. ‘There ... there ...that’s my Susie Girl ... you have a good cry sweetheart ... you’ll feel a lot better.’ He held her closely in her arms as her crying intensified and kept her there, stroking her hair and telling her what a good girl she was until it finally began to subside. He was pleased when she put her arms around him and hugged him back toward the end as her crying came to an end. Only then did he ask her if she was ready to put away her clothes. When Susie nodded, he released her from his arms and allowed her to begin unpacking as he opened the top drawer.
‘Let’s put your socks, panties, and nighties in here, shall we Susie?’
She followed his instructions, noticing three one piece sleepers in different colors stacked on one side of the drawer.
‘Uncle Jack, it will be too hot in the summer for jammies,’ she protested as she lifted one sleeper up and saw snaps running along the inside of the legs and crotch.
‘Don’t worry. Those are only for when it’s cool like today or at night. Now put your things away. I’ll be back in a few minutes and I want to see you all unpacked when I return.’
After he left, Susie proceeded to put away her blouses and dresses and panties in the next drawer, next to some taffeta party dresses in her size. She then unpacked her toiletries and put them on the bathroom sink. Finally, she returned to her bedroom and slid her empty suitcase under the big hospital bed.
No sooner had she straightened up when Uncle Jack returned, glancing around the room in apparent satisfaction.
‘Good girl, Susie. I’m glad to see I can count on you to do what you are told. As you know, I believe in spankings for boys and girls who disobey me and that goes for both you and Amanda. Do we understand each other, honey?’
‘Yes, Uncle Jack,’ she managed to gulp.
‘Good girl. Now let’s get down for lunch, shall we? After that, we can get you ready for your afternoon nap?’
‘But Uncle Jack, I’m too old for an afternoon nap.’
‘Under normal circumstances, I would agree, Susie. But remember that these are not normal circumstances for you this summer. Any child who is still wets her bed and needs diapers and plastic pants needs an afternoon nap every day. Things are going to be rather different this summer Susie. You’ll see. You’ll be used to your new routines in a few weeks or so, I promise. A month from now, you’ll probably look forward to your afternoon nap and early bedtime. Now come on downstairs with me. Amanda has some delicious sandwiches ready for lunch. TO BE CONTINUED……..

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