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Online : Feb 13, 2013
Updated : Apr 5, 2014

Every summer I went to spend time with my aunt Erma and Uncle Ed, I always enjoyed spending time with them because I had so many friends at his house where we used to live. The only thing wrong with staying there was that they were both real strict and the punishments were very humiliating.

One day my Aunt Erma came to me and asked if I would like to have a slumber party with all my friends over. I was thrilled and invited 7 of my best friends. That night we ate pizza and played and talked. I was having such a good time. The rules of the house still applied and one was no food or drink in the family room where us girls were playing.

Not thinking at all I carried a cherry cola into the room and soon we were in a pillow fight and the cherry cola got spilled all over my Aunts beige carpeting. I quickly got a wet rag and tried to clean up the mess but the more we cleaned the worse the stain got and then my Aunt walked in.

"What is this?"

"Well I just carried a soda out here and uh...well."

"Get to your room Missy you know the rules no food or drink in get."

I started to cry and quickly made my way out of the room to my bedroom. I threw myself on the bed in embarrassment and cried. Aunt Erma came in about a half hour later.

"Get your punishment gown on young lady."

"What about my didn't send them home did you?" I cried.

"Do what I say right now." She went to my dresser and pulled the pink gown out, it was really an outfit that I would pull on and she would button the buttons in the back. The pants part of the gown had elastic in the back so that it could be pulled down to expose my bare bottom to my Uncle Ed. She helped with the gown and I stood there waiting for Uncle Ed to come and give me my punishment.

"Now let's get out to the living room." She opened my door.

"Where are my friends?"

"You just never mind about them. I think you should worry about your little bottom for now and how red it will be real soon young lady."

I stepped out of my room and went down the hall with my Aunt on my heals, when I turned into the living room there on the couch sat my friends with some of them sitting on the floor. I stopped in my tracks as I saw Uncle Ed sitting in the straight backed chair and the small foot stool on the floor before him. The big red bag hung from the coat rack behind him with its snake like tubing looped around it and the big black nozzle hanging there with a drop of the soapy fluid on it's end.

"Get over here child." Uncle Ed said and Aunt Erma gave me a small push.

"Oh please not in front of my friends Uncle Ed."

"Get over here. RIGHT NOW !" He put a little yell at the end to show he wasn't going to put up with my nonsense. My face was beet red as I walked over to him and stood with my hands clutched together in front of me. I was too embarrassed to face any of my friends that were sitting there watching.

"Now assume your punishment position young lady." I slowly laid myself over his lap and tears came to my eyes and flowed down my face as he positioned me on his lap so that my bottom was over one leg. He then lifted his leg up onto the stool so that my bottom was higher.

I knew what would come next but I hoped it wouldn't. He then took the elastic and pulled it down to bare my bottom to all in the room. The elastic sat right in the crease where my upper legs met my cheeks.

"Oh please don't Uncle Ed."

"You hush now child you know you deserve to be punished and these girls have been spanked before I'm sure."

I looked to the side to see my friends stare wide eyed at me and some were smiling, others had there mouths open in astonishment. I put my head back down and heard the familiar snap of the glove and my Uncle parted my cheeks.

"" I cried as Aunt Erma gave him the cold suppository that was made just for punishments. They would melt glycerin suppositories down and then fill the finger holes of a glove to make the suppository as big as a finger. This would make me not clinch my bottom as my punishment was given to me. Uncle Ed dabbed some Vaseline onto my hole and slowly inserted the big thing into my awaiting bottom.

"Ewww....ahhhh…" I heard the girls say as the thing disappeared into me. I grunted as it opened me up and my bottom swallowed the cold glycerin. I clinched my cheeks closed just for a minute and the burning began. When I grunted again Uncle Ed brought his hand down onto my cheeks. I lunged forward a bit as it stung my bottom.

"Owee.....oweeeeee…" I would say with each spanking. Soon my bottom was red and he had delivered twenty five hard swats to me. I was now squirming against the glycerin that made me want to poop and the stinging pain he was delivering. My thoughts were now not on my friends but on the punishment I was getting.

I sighed with some relief when the spanking ended. My hands were holding onto the chair legs and my knuckles were white from my grip. My Uncle rubbed around my hot burning bottom and then put on his gloves for the next part of my punishment.

"Look at your friends child while you receive your enema."

I didn't want to look at them I was already to embarrassed all I wanted to do was run away.

"Turn YOUR HEAD AND LOOK AT YOUR FRIENDS !" He yelled and another swat came down with his gloved hand.

He parted my red hot cheeks again and was poised to put in the nozzle.

"Now tell us all why you're getting punished."

Through my sobs I tried to talk but couldn't he just held the nozzle at my opening until I would look at my friends and say the words.

"…" I said.

Just then Uncle Ed pushed the nozzle into my awaiting bottom and I winced and sucked air in through my teeth. I was still facing my friends but not looking at them just seeing through them through my tears. The familiar CLICK and my body jerked a bit as the soapy water invaded my already hurting bowels. Everyone watched as the bag over head emptied into me and I cried and squirmed and moaned against the cramps and the urge to go. When the bag was empty I was allowed up.

"To your corner child." My Uncle said.

"But Uncle please." I was holding my full belly. He just pointed and I put my head down and made my way to the corner. When I got there, with Aunt Erma carrying the bag behind me she hung the bag to a nail in the wall and I got down on my hands and knees and placed my face in the corner. This gave everyone a full view of my red bottom with the tube sticking out of it. I panted in that corner for the half hour that I had to hold my enema.

When I was allowed up Aunt Erma pulled the big nozzle from my bottom and told me to go expel. I turned and raced for the bathroom and closed the door. I just made it to the toilet before the great gush of water left me. I moaned and rocked as the water came out along with the rest of the contents of my bowels. When I was done I went to my room and fell onto the bed crying. Aunt Erma came in and helped me to get dressed into my pajamas.

"Now go out and have fun with your friends."

"I'm not going back out there....I'm too embarrassed." I said.

"Your friends are waiting for you, now get."

I slowly made my way to the family room the cola stain was still there but the girls were all laughing and when they saw me they went silent. I started to cry and they asked me what it was like. I sat down with them and they asked me about the enema and if it hurt. I cried and told them that I always get an enema when I'm punished and the girls were amazed by this. Soon we were joking and playing again. The next morning they all left and I went to Uncle Ed and Aunt Erma and told them how sorry I was for making a mess on the floor.

"It's all over now you paid your price just forget about it."

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