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Online : Mar 15, 2010
Updated : Aug 17, 2014

At 16, Lori was developing into a beautiful young woman. At 5-7 and 110 lbs., she had long dark blonde hair, pale blue eyes and a smile that professed a combination of innocence and budding sensuality. She was popular at school, where she was on the girls volley ball team and she had many friends, both male and female. Her parents divorced several years ago, she lived with her father whom she loved very much. Her father had raised her to be open minded, honest, caring and to have good values, yet he was not a strict parent, as a matter of fact, he was very permissive.

Lori was a bit on the wild side and liked to party and when she did, she was more often than not the center of attention, but her father didn't mind, as Lori always called home to say where she was and that she was OK. Her father also knew that Lori was smart enough not to ride with a friend who had been drinking and she was bringing home good grades from school. Lori was planning to go to college where she planned to study nursing, as she loved to help people. Lori was becoming a responsible young adult and her father was very proud of her.

It was during summer vacation, after her sophomore year of high school that Lori had her tonsils removed. The operation went smoothly and Lori was discharged outpatient and went home, where, due to the effects of the anesthesia, which had not totally worn off yet, she promptly drifted off to sleep.

When Lori awoke a few hours later, her throat and mouth where so painful, she could barely open her mouth and she felt dizzy and warm to the touch.

Checking up on her, her father discovered she had awakened and asked her how she felt. Lori let out a groan to communicate to her father how miserable she felt. Reaching down, her father felt her forehead and commented that it was rather warm, he then told Lori that he would take her temperature and he would be right back.

Lori waited patiently for her father to return, but her eyes grew wide when she saw that not only did her father have a thermometer, but a jar of Vaseline also. "What are you doing ?" Lori exclaimed as her father dipped the thermometer in the Vaseline and began to shake it down.

"I'm going to have to take your temperature rectally," her father explained to her, explaining he could not use an oral thermometer due to her surgery.

Lori was mortified, she had not had her temperature taken that way since she was a little girl and she had disliked it then, but now at age 16, she was deeply embarrassed by the idea of her father taking her temperature rectally. She tried to argue over it with her dad, but given the condition she was in, she was not in a position to give much resistance. Her father held firm and told her it was on the discharge instructions from the hospital, that her temperature should be monitored rectally, every 2 hours.

Losing her resilience, Lori reluctantly rolled over onto her tummy as she was instructed. She blushed furiously as her father raised her silk nightgown and then she felt his fingers inside the elastic band of her panties, gently tugging them down. Lori felt a cool breeze on her exposed buttocks as her cotton panties bunched up just below her buttocks and between her legs. A moment later she felt the cold tip of the thermometer at the entrance to her rectum. Lori let out a groan as she felt the thermometer gently being pushed passed her sphincter and into her rectum, about half the length of the thermometer. Her father then held the thermometer in place with his right hand, gently pressing his palm against her buttocks and with his left hand, he began to message the small of her back as he told her to relax and this will only take a few minutes.

The thermometer was a little uncomfortable, but more than anything, Lori was deeply embarrassed by the whole thing. In addition to feeling embarrassed, she resented her father asserting such control over her, she liked to consider herself an adult, but here she was, being treated like a little girl.

The minutes ticked by slowly, but eventually she felt the thermometer slowly being withdrawn from her. Lori let out a sigh as the tip exited her sphincter and slid out her buttock's, she was glad it was over for now.

Lori watched as her father held the thermometer up to the light. The Vaseline glistened under the light as her father read that she had a 101 degree fever and told her that he would give her some medicine that would make her feel better.

He then told her that since she couldn't swallow pills, he would be giving her the medicine in suppositories and he would be right back. Lori was not even familiar with the word her father had mentioned and lay there curious as to what he planed to do. When her father returned a moment later and set a small box on her dresser, Lori asked her father what he was doing and what suppositories were. Her father explained that they are special pills that are taken rectally and dissolve to introduce the medicine into her body.

Once again, Lori began to blush as she realized her father intended to do something similar to taking her temperature rectally. Lori watched as her father removed one of these pills from the box and peeled a foil wrapper off of it. He then held up a white cylinder shaped pill about the size and shape of a bullet.

Once again Lori was told to turn onto her tummy and once again she blushed as her nightgown was lifted and panties lowered and she braced herself for another intrusion of her bottom, expecting it to be the same as the thermometer. She groaned as she felt the tip of the suppository pressing against her sphincter.

It was not as cold as the thermometer, but was much wider, making the intrusion much more pronounced and causing Lori to let out a whimper as it slid past her sphincter and into her rectum. It was then that Lori suddenly realized that unlike the thermometer which was simply inserted into her, that her fathers finger had followed the suppository and was penetrating her. In her state of shock, Lori first clamped her anal muscles in an attempt to prevent further intrusion and then attempted to expel her father's finger and the suppository. Lori was feeling extremely embarrassed and uncomfortable, it was bad enough, her father putting things such as a thermometer into her bottom, but felling her fathers finger inside her, overwhelmed her with a feeling of shame. In addition, his finger was much fatter than the thermometer and was very uncomfortable.

Lori let out a big sigh as she felt her father withdrawing his finger a moment later and felt it pop out of her sphincter and slide out her buttocks. However though she was glad her father withdrew his finger from her, she could still feel the suppository in her ass. It was totally different than the thermometer, she felt almost as though she had a piece of candle stuck in her ass and she wanted badly to expel it out, but she dared not and lay as still as possible, waiting for it to dissolve.

Although it was only a few minutes, it seemed like a long time and it did not dissolve at once as she expected, but rather it slowly melted away to nothing, giving her a funny, almost tickling sensation inside her rectum as it dissipated.

Lori was thankful that that was over and she reached back to pull her panties back up, only to be stopped by her father who told her, to her dismay, that she needed one more. Lori tensed as she heard the foil wrapper being removed from the suppository and braced herself for another intrusion by her father's finger. Lori clenched her buttocks in an effort to prevent the unwelcome intrusion, but her anal muscles were no match to her father's probing finger and she relaxed her muscles when she realized that by clenching down, it was just causing more discomfort. After her father withdrew his finger, Lori again felt the suppository in her ass, but this time she was a little less patient and squirmed on her bed some and then suddenly she felt the suppository slip out of her rectum and come to rest between her buttocks.

Lori didn't know what to do, so she did not do anything and a few minutes later when her father inquired if it had dissolved yet, she said, "I think so."

"You think?" her father asked as he said, "Let's have a look."

Lori blushed so hard, she thought her face was on fire, as her father parted her buttocks wide and discovered the suppository, only about a quarter melted. Again Lori felt her father's dreaded finger, re- inserting the suppository and Lori decided not to allow it to come out again, but unknown to her, her father had already decided the same.

To Lori's surprise, her father did not withdraw his finger this time. At first Lori thought he was going to withdraw it at any moment, but he didn't. The minutes seemed like hours as Lori lay there with her father's finger impaled deep in her ass, he didn't move it at all, he just left it there. Finally the 2nd suppository dissolved and Lori felt her father withdrawing his finger.

Reaching back, Lori pulled her panties back up and lowered her nightgown and then rolled over onto her back. To her surprise, her father reached into the front of her nightgown and placed his hand on her tummy and pressed. As he did this, he inquired if she had a bowel movement since the surgery. Lori felt her face flush at the question, as she found it embarrassing to discuss such a private bodily function. No she answered meekly. Her father then told her that the discharge instructions stated that the medications could cause severe constipation and if a bowel movement had not occurred by the eve of the discharge, then it prescribed an enema.

Lori was horrified. She had, had an enema, perhaps half a dozen occasions during her childhood and she hated them with a passion, they were by far the worst experiences of her child hood, even worse than spankings. The last time she got one, she was about 9 years old and was sick with the flu. It was before her parents divorced and she remembered kicking and screaming, as her mother held her firmly over her lap and her father forced the hot soapy solution into her.

A deep feeling of dread and embarrassment overcame Lori, as she began to plead with her father, as though she was pleading for her life.

"Calm down," her father told her, "I will give you the opportunity to have a bowel movement on your own, before I resort to an enema."

Lori immediately calmed down and tried to get up to go to the bathroom, but she was too dizzy and weak to get out of bed. Her father told her to relax and stay put and he will bring her a bed pan. Lori took the bed pan from her father without a word and was relieved when he left the room.

Sitting up, Lori took down her panties and sat on the bed pan. She didn't like going this way and didn't want her father to see her bowel movement afterwards, but it would sure beat a enema.

Lori sat for a few minutes, hoping something would happen, but it didn't. Then she started to push hard, in hopes of a bowel movement coming out, but it was not happening. Lori then started to worry that she wouldn't be able to have a movement and the more she worried, the harder of a time she had, trying to have one. After about 10 minutes of trying, Lori finally felt a movement starting to begin, but then suddenly she heard her father's footsteps approaching the room and she tensed up and the movement that started, went back up inside her. Just then her father walked in and asked if she had a bowel movement yet.

"No," Lori said with a worried voice and then suddenly she felt like she had a rock in her stomach.

"I'll have to give you the enema then," her father said.

"No," Lori pleaded and began to sob, but her father told her with empathy that he didn't like having to do this any more than she, but if she didn't have a bowel movement, she would probably hospital. Her become severally constipated and be in a lot of pain and have to go back to the father then said he will prepare the enema and be back in a few moments.

While her father was gone, Lori tried frantically to move her bowels, but it was no use and the rock in her stomach became heavier as she realized what she was in for.

A few moments later, her father returned with several items, which he lay out on the floor, next to her bed. First there was a large plastic bowl of hot soapy water. Lori could see soap bubbles floating on the top and steam rising from it. Just the site of it and the knowledge of what her father was going to do with it, made her legs feel like jelly and her whole body trembled with the anticipation of what was going to happen to her.

Beside the bowl of soapy water, was a blue rubber bulb syringe with a long white nozzle at the top. It was the same one her parents used on her as a kid and she felt a chill run through her body, just by looking at it. Then there was a pack of baby wet wipes and a towel.

Lori was still sitting on the bed pan on the edge of her bed, when her father instructed her to lift her feet off the floor. Upon doing so, her father took hold of her panties and completely removed them. He then grasped her nightgown and brought it over her head, so she was completely naked. She had no bra on and her fully developed breasts hung down and her vagina, covered by a triangle of dark curly hair, was completely exposed to him.

Lori began to sob in shame and fear as her father stroked her hair and encouraged her to be brave about this. He then pulled the bed pan out from under her and set it on the floor, then he sat down on the bed, right beside her.

Lori watched with discord as her father bent over and picked up the bulb syringe, squeezed it and then placed the nozzle in the bowl of water and released his grip on the bulb, allowing it to suck in the water. Lori felt sick to the stomach as she heard the distinctive sound of the bulb sucking in a dose of water. Her father then placed the towel over his lap and took Lori by the hand, guiding her to lay across his lap. Lori felt weak and dizzy with apprehension and embarrassment as her father handled her like a stuffed animal and brought her across his lap and laid his left arm across the bottom of her back, preventing her from getting up.

Next, Lori watched as her father dipped his finger into the jar of Vaseline and then retrieved it with a large glob on his finger tip. Lori tensed as her father gently rubbed the Vaseline around her rectum and then she felt his large finger, gently and slowly working it's way into her ass.

The Vaseline was slippery and her father's finger slid in with ease. He then slowly worked his finger in and out of her ass and twisted it in a circular motion, dispensing a large quantity of Vaseline in her ass.

Lori involuntarily twisted her body and let out a groan as she tried to break free, but her father's strong arm, held her down firmly.

Finally, Lori felt her father withdraw his finger from her and she let out a sigh of relief, but the rock in her stomach was getting heavier as the dreaded enema was getting closer.

There were a few tense moments, were time seemed to stand still, as her father wiped his finger's off with a tissue.

There was perspiration running down her cheeks and Lori clenched her buttock's together tight, as her father picked up the syringe and held it behind her. Lori trembled and felt tears in her eyes, as she felt the length of the nozzle resting along her crack and her father's hand on her buttock's, gently parting them. Slowly but surely, Lori felt the long nozzle, pushing it's way up her ass, impaling her, until she felt the wide rubber base of the bulb syringe, firmly pressed against her buttocks.

Sucking in a deep breath, Lori tried to resist the forthcoming invasion but her anal muscles were no match for the bulb syringe and the force of her father's hand on that syringe. Lori let out a half whine, half screech as she felt the hot soapy solution, forcefully being injected into her with a slow steady pressure.

As her father emptied the contents of the bulb into her, he gradually increased the pressure on the bulb, causing Lori to twist and writhe her body on her father's lap. Lori tried to get up, but her father's arm held her in place with a grip like a vice and Lori, realizing she had no choice but to submit, calmed down and tried to relax as the last of the water in the bulb was injected into her.

Lori let out a sigh of relief as she felt the long hard nozzle being removed from her and the tip popped out of her sphincter. But she knew the relief would be only momentary as she watched her father dip the nozzle in the bowl of water again and once again heard that horrible sucking sound as the syringe sucked in another dose of the hot soapy water. Lori also distinctly remembered from previous experiences, that with each bulb full, the enema became more and more uncomfortable.

Lori dug her fingernails into the mattress, as she was invaded once again by the long hard nozzle and felt the top of the rubber syringe against her buttocks. Lori let out a whimper as she was once again, forced to endure the hot soapy invasion, being forced deep into her gut, causing her a sick to the gut feeling and an ever building urge to use the bathroom. Lori began to wither on her father's lap and kick her leg's and pant as her father gradually increased the pressure on the bulb syringe, causing the hot soapy solution to jet up her ass.

Suddenly, to Lori's surprise and horror, she became aware that her breasts where growing firm and her pussy was starting to get moist. Lori couldn't understand her reaction. She was horribly embarrassed by the whole situation, she found it very uncomfortable and she had never thought of her father in erotic terms, but the more she tried to make her arousal go away, the more prevalent it became.

Lori realized that part of the problem lay in her squirming movements, as her breasts jiggled around and her firm hot nipples rubbed against her mattress. At the same time, her vaginal lips rubbed against the coarse surface of the towel and the hump caused by her father's muscular leg, causing her clitoris to stiffen and her juices to run.

Lori tried to keep herself still. She began to fear having an orgasm over her father's lap, but despite her best efforts, her body would involuntarily writhe as the enema grew more and more uncomfortable and her father pumped more and more water into her with ever increasing pressure.

By the time her father was administering the 6th bulb full, Lori felt an awful cramp in her tummy, accompanied with a very strong urge to use the bathroom.

As the solution in the bulb came down to just a few ounces left, the resistance from Lori's colon grew great, prompting her father to give the bulb one final firm squeeze.

Lori dug her nails deep into the mattress and her body jerked violently as the last of the solution shot into her with a powerful surge. As her father withdrew the nozzle, Lori felt some of the water escape from her rectum, creating a wet spot on the towel beneath her. Lori watched as her father set the bulb syringe on the floor, beside the now empty bowl and quickly grabbed the bedpan. Her father then slid his arm under her waist and briefly lifted her up as he slid the bed pan under her.

Lori was mortified. There was no way she could expel the enema while her father watched, or so she thought. Lori struggled with every ounce of her energy, to retain the enema, but her urge to shit only grew stronger, until she lost control of her bowels. First some of the water escaped from her, then she felt a long squishy turd, sliding out of her.

Lori buried her face deep in her pillow and sobbed in shame as she was humiliated beyond belief. After the long turd slid out, a mix of water, small chunks of shit and loud wet farts poured forth from her, into the bed pan, all the while her father messaging her back.

After she finished expelling, Lori's father picked up the pack of baby wet wipes and began to wipe her, discarding the soiled wipes into the bed pan.

Pushed to the utmost extremes of humiliation, Lori had been striped of every ounce of her dignity.

Removing the bed pan from under her, Lori's father took it to the bathroom and emptied it. He then returned to the room with a bowl of clear warm water and a sponge and proceeded to give Lori a sponge bath.

Feeling drained from the enema and already having endured extreme humiliation, Lori didn't have any fight left in her and she just lay back and submitted to the degradation of her father thoroughly washing her most intimate parts.

After drying her off, to Lori's surprise, her father produced an adult size diaper, which he told Lori, was for in case she had an accident later, as sometimes some of the water from an enema could stay back for a while and then suddenly come out later.

Lori dreaded the idea of wearing a diaper, but she had no energy left to argue with her father and upon his instructions, she lifted her legs to allow him to fasten the diaper on her.

Lori felt so silly as she pulled her blanket over her. Until that night, Lori had considered herself an adult who was in full control of her actions and was even tough in many way's, but the events of the night struck right at the heart of that attitude and Lori could feel the heat radiating from her face as she lay in bed, thinking over what had transpired that evening.

It was about 9:00 that evening, that Lori was awakened from a dose, by a knock on her bedroom door. A moment later, her friend Cindy walked in, asking how she was feeling.

Cindy was Lori's best friend from school. At 6ft. and 130 lbs., Cindy had long vivacious legs, strawberry red hair that came halfway down her back, emerald green eyes and seemed to always have a mischievous smirk on her face. Like Lori, Cindy was on the girls volley ball team too and loved to party.

Lori blushed as Cindy glanced at her dresser, where the thermometer, Vaseline and box of suppositories were sitting, but Cindy did not make any comment regarding them, which Lori was thankful of. She also felt really weird laying there, her friend beside her, with a diaper on, thank god she was covered with a blanket.

For the next 30 minutes, the girls chatted typical girl talk, until they were interrupted by Lori's father who asked Cindy to excuse them for a few minutes, as he needed to take Lori's temperature and give her, her medicine.

Lori felt her face turn hot and hoped that Cindy would take the opportunity to leave, but to her dismay, her father picked up her empty glass of orange juice and asked Cindy if she would take it to the kitchen and refill it and she should help herself to something to drink.

Lori's father then closed the door behind Cindy and peeled the blanket off of Lori. Then he unfastened the diaper and placed his arm under her legs and lift them up, exposing her bottom.

Lori watched as her father dipped the thermometer in the Vaseline and shook it down. She then watched as her father lowered the thermometer to her bottom and a moment later, felt the cold slippery invasion. This time around, it was even more embarrassing, laying on her back with her legs up, fully exposed to her father and making eye contact with him as he took her temperature and gave her suppositories and with Cindy waiting outside her room, obviously aware of what was going on, it only served to further her humiliation.

Despite her embarrassment and discomfort, Lori tried to be as cooperative and quit as possible, as she didn't want Cindy to hear any of what was going on and she wondered if Cindy was down in the kitchen or waiting outside her room.

After the suppositories melted, Lori's father re fastened the diaper. Lori could feel a squishy spot of Vaseline inside her diaper, as she pulled the blanket back over herself.

Lori's father then re opened her bedroom door and Cindy walked right in, which told Lori she had been waiting just outside her bedroom door.

Lori felt embarrassed by her friend knowing what occurred, but she avoided the subject and was glad that Cindy didn't say anything regarding it and they continued to chat typical girl stuff.

After about 15 minutes, Lori suddenly felt a gurgling sensation in her tummy and then she had a sudden urge to use the bathroom. Lori quickly told Cindy that she was getting drowsy and wanted to go to sleep. Cindy wished Lori well, bid her good night and left.

As soon as Cindy left, Lori felt a mushy turd slide out of her, into the diaper. It was a lousy feeling and to Lori's dismay, her father walked into the room at that moment. Her father noticed a funny look on her face and inquired what was wrong. Lori could feel the heat from her embarrassment in her face, as she mumbled to her father that she had an accident in her diaper.

Lori flushed with shame as her father lovingly cleaned her up and sprinkled baby powder on her, before putting a fresh diaper on her and tucking her in.

Lori thought over the events of the night, before drifting off to a deep sleep.

Embarrassing as the events had been, the care and affection she received from her father made her feel very loved and as for the shame of being treated like a little baby, Lori began to savor giving up control. She became aware of how relaxed she felt and was enjoying the break from the stressful decisions and situations that come with adulthood.

Cuddling up with her teddy bear, Lori felt so secure and peaceful and she drifted off into dreamland.

When Lori awoke the next morning, she felt totally refreshed. The sky was blue, the sun was out bright and the birds were happily chirping. Lori felt much better. The fever was gone, the swelling in her throat had gone down substantially and she had regained most of her energy.

Lori was glad that her father allowed her to take the diaper off herself and change into some clothes. The thermometer, Vaseline and box of suppositories were removed from her dresser and put away in the medicine cabinet and Lori spent most of the day watching TV., talking with visiting friends and by the following day she was completely recovered.

Lori never received any of those treatments at the hands of her father again, but to her astonishment, she grew to miss the attention, care and affection she had received at the hands of her father that night, especially after school started back up and Lori found herself on a busy, stressful schedule.

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