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Online : Jun 7, 2009
Updated : Jun 21, 2009

Linda lay face down on the bed, her pants and panties resting about her knees. She gritted her teeth and waited for the initial insertion. She began to wonder if she was doing the right thing. She was meeting this man for the first time and was somewhat apprehensive, but also looking forward to this new experience.

Mark held the rectal thermometer up to the light and checked the reading. He had never played "doctor" before and was looking forward to it. He dipped the glass rod down into the Vaseline then pulled it back out. It glistened in the low light of the hotel room.
Linda's eyes squeezed shut as she felt her cheeks being spread apart. The thermometer was cold and slippery and she was surprised at how easily it slipped into her rectum. She relaxed and began to enjoy the feeling of the thermometer buried deep in her backside.

Mark sat back and gazed down upon his "patient", the rectal thermometer peered out between her cheeks. He began to feel the familiar hardening of his cock as he waited for her temperature to register. He glanced over at the gym bag he had brought, filled with all the things he thought he would need for her "examination".

Linda squeezed the thermometer tightly with her anus, reveling in it's feel. She began to fantasize about the enema she would soon be given. She gripped the sheets of the bed she was laying across and began to move her hips a little. She was feeling quite good.
Mark watched with "growing" interest as his patient began to respond to having her rectal temperature taken. He reached down and held the thermometer in place with his right hand as she began to get restless. He reached out and began to rub her back with his left.

Linda no longer felt very self-conscious as she lay on the bed with her backside exposed, she imagined herself in a doctor's office undergoing the examination she both needed and wanted. She was glad she had agreed to have this "examination" filmed. She looked forward to viewing it later.

Mark pulled the thermometer from Linda's bottom and held it up, trying to read the temperature. He could see a small brown smudge but not much more. "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I'll have to take your temperature one more time with a slightly larger thermometer. This won't hurt a bit" he said as he placed the thermometer down on the bedside table and reached into his gym bag for the much larger candy thermometer he had brought with him.

Linda's eyes opened wide as she saw Mark extract the much larger thermometer from the bag on the floor. It was about 8 inches long and 1/2 and inch in diameter. Her mouth went dry as she imagined this large tool being inserted into her rectum. She closed her eyes and lay still. Her naked bottom shivered slightly as she waited for the insertion.

Mark gripped the large thermometer securely in his right hand and pushed it into the open jar of Vaseline, coating it thoroughly at it's bulb end. He pulled it free and held it up. His mouth went dry as he imagined plunging it into his patient's waiting bottom. He reached out with his left hand and gently spread Linda's cheeks, exposing her anus. He brought the thermometer into position and gently pushed it into her rectum. His erection grew larger as the the large thermometer disappeared deeper into Linda's bottom. He held it between his fingers and watched as his patient reacted to this new development.

Linda moaned quietly as the large thermometer was inserted deeply into her rectum. Her grip on the sheets under her tightened. It was so large and yet so cool and slippery. She tried to spread her legs a little as the thermometer entered her, but found her legs bound by her pants and panties encircling her knees. Her head snapped up in a combination of frustration and pleasure.

Mark smiled to himself as his patient reacted to the thermometer being inserted. He reached out and smacked her bottom sharply. He was pleased to see a small pink imprint of his hand appear on Linda's bottom. He smacked her bottom several more times.
Linda gasped at the sensation of each smack on her backside. She wriggled after each one, enticing another. She hoped her movements would be interpreted as "misbehavior" and would soon find herself over Mark's lap, being given a good spanking.
Mark grinned before pulling out the large thermometer. "I won't tolerate your unruliness, young lady. I think you'd better get over my knee right now!". He pulled her up from the bed, then across his lap. He made sure to position her so that her bottom was at the best angle for maximum exposure.

Linda blushed as she lay submissively over Mark's lap. Her backside seemed to stick up very high or maybe it was just her imagination. Her cheeks felt a little slippery from the residue of vaseline from the thermometer. She managed to remain still as the first smacks rained down upon her defenseless backside, but soon found herself kicking her legs and reaching back to protect herself as the spanking continued.

Mark began smacking Linda's backside a bit harder, enjoying the sight of her ass turning from light pink to red. He instinctively grabbed her wrist when she reached back to protect her burning backside. He continued to spank her until his hand began to get a bit sore. "It's time for your rectal exam now, I think you know what will happen if you resist...don't you?"

Linda sighed gratefully when the spanking stopped. Her ass burned in a tingly sort of way. She looked back over her shoulder at Mark. He was smiling as he reached into his black bag and brought out a rubber glove. At least he made sure to dip his finger in the vaseline she thought. She held her breath in anticipation.

Mark spread Linda's red cheeks wide with his left hand and touched her crinkled rosebud with the tip of his lubricated finger. He felt Linda jerk involuntarily at his touch. He began to circle her anus with the vaseline, then gently slid his finger into her rectum, going as deep as he could. His finger felt like it was being enveloped by a velvet vise.

Linda shuddered slightly as Mark's finger first entered her anus, then plunged all the way up her rectum. It felt so full. She could lay over his lap forever, she thought. She raised her hips slightly, causing Mark's finger to enter a few more centimeters. She gripped his finger tightly with her anus. She could feel her pussy starting to get very wet.

Mark reluctantly pulled his finger from Linda's tight rectum and stripped off the rubber glove. He reached down her legs and stripped off her panties and pants. He pushed her knees farther apart, giving him a clear view of both her glistening anus and her glistening pussy. He instinctively inserted his first two fingers into her wet vagina.

Linda moaned as Mark began to finger fuck her pussy. She no longer felt self- conscious laying over his lap naked from the waist down, her legs spread wide as he drove his fingers into her sopping pussy. She even spread them wider for greater access. She felt herself on the verge of climax.

Mark pulled his fingers from Linda's pussy before she had a chance to come. He had a few other things in mind. He wiped his hand on her backside, rubbing her own juices into her now pink bottom. He gave her a good smack before ordering her onto her feet. He dove back into his little black bag and extracted a large, red enema bag already fitted with a hose and a hard, black, plastic nozzle. He made sure to grab a small packet of castile soap before heading into the bathroom.

Linda stood next to the bed, one hand rubbing her sore backside, the other reaching down between her legs. She wondered if she would be able to take a whole bag, but was very anxious to try. She could hear the water running in the bathroom and her stomach began to flutter. He nipples were getting very hard and sensitive, she reached up and began to massage them. She was glad she was only wearing a t-shirt and no bra.

Mark hummed to himself as he filled the enema bag with warm water and castile soap. His erection was pushing painfully against his pants. He hung the bag up on the shower rod, letting the hose and nozzle dangle down into the bathtub. He released the clamp and let a little water flow out before re-securing it. He had already decided to give Linda her first enema while she lay across his lap as he sat on the closed toilet. He didn't know how much she would be able to hold this first time and wanted her to be able to get to the toilet in time.

Linda quietly followed Mark into the motel bathroom and obediently layed back over his lap as he sat on the closed toilet. Her gaze went immediately up to the enema bag hanging from the shower rod. It was about 3 feet over her lowered head and she was surprised at how full it looked. She knew she would never be able to take the whole least in one "sitting".

Mark once again positioned Linda to his liking and spread her legs far apart. He reached up and took the enema nozzle in hand. He positioned it above her still glistening anus before bringing it down and pushing it against her tight rosebud. He gently applied pressure ....

Linda felt the head of the nozzle push against her anus. With a quiet "pop" the head of the nozzle entered her rectum and traveled up and in. She laid still as Mark pushed it in as far as it would go....6 inches or so. She waited for what was to come next...

Mark held the nozzle securely in place with his left hand and reached up to the clamp with his right. He said nothing as he released it..... just waited for her reaction as the warm soapy water entered her. He didn't have long to wait.

Linda felt the first rush of warm, soapy water entering her bottom. She tried to lay still as the soapy water began to work it's magic deep inside her. Her anus tightened reflexively as the urge to "go" increased. She worried about having an accident. She groaned louder as the pressure increased. She squeezed her legs together in an effort to keep the water inside her. She was rewarded with a sharp smack to her naked backside. "Open your legs!" Mark demanded..

Mark enjoyed the sight of Linda across his lap, her legs spread far apart, the enema hose protruding from her anus. He slapped her bottom when she squeezed her legs together. She obediently spread her legs after each smack but soon closed them again, earning yet another sharp smack. He never thought to clamp the hose and give her time to adjust to the volume of water, he was too inexperienced.

Linda took as much as she could, but soon was crying out "I have to go! I HAVE TO GO!!".

Mark clamped the hose and let Linda up off his lap. He got up off the toilet and flipped up the seat, Linda plopped down and immediately let loose. The water came back out in waves and it took nearly ten minutes for Linda to finally feel empty. She looked up at Mark who was standing patiently by the door.

"Are you ready for the rest of the bag my dear" he said grinning....

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