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Online : Apr 20, 2009
Updated : Jun 21, 2009

It was Friday and I was looking forward to the weekend. Tonight I was going
to spend the night at Mandy's house and the thought of some spanking games
was creeping into my mind. And then it became the largest part of my day and
the urge to play spanking games that night was huge.

We had been an unruly class that morning and Mr. Smith was stretched to his
limits of patience. Had spanking been allowed in the school system, there is
little doubt that several of us would have been sitting gingerly that

Finally he had enough, he was ticked at the whole class. We were ordered to
fold our arms and place our heads down on the desk and close our eyes, as the
all too tolerant Mr. Smith tried to regain control of his fourth graders.

We did as we were told. Mr. Smith walked the aisles, stopping to pause at
some desks and lecturing us on our behavior.

'Maybe I need to spank a few students, here today. Is that what it will take
to get proper behavior in this class room? Should I get out my paddle and
warm some bottoms right here in class?'

'Oh yes, yes' I thought that's what you need to do. 'We deserve it.'  I
harbored a fascination with the thought of Mr. Smith taking me by the hand in
front of the whole class for some naughty behavior and leading me to a
private room and putting me across his lap and pulling down my panties and
administering a firm spanking.

Of course we knew, at least we thought, we were sure, that school rules
wouldn't allow Mr. Smith to spank us. But he sure sounded serious, he had our

'Your behavior as a class had been terrible here today.' He said pausing by
my desk.  I wondered if he could hear my heart beating.  I felt like I was
trembling with excitement.

' I wonder how many of you would change your behavior if I placed you across
my knee and warmed your bottoms.' I felt him brush against me as he started
back up the aisle.  'I would, I would.' I thought to my self.

This went on for a few more minutes and then we were released to normal
school activities, though a quieter class than earlier I thought to my self.
Clearly not everyone was as eager as I to test Mr. Smith.  I looked across
the room at Mandy and saw her face flush with embarrassment. We were on the
same page of thought. No doubt about the games later tonight after her
parents retreated to their room.

Mandy opened the door when I knocked on it at five that evening. She had a
sour face and I heard a boy's voice from inside the house. I frowned, and
entered. Mandy looked at me and whispered. 'It's my cousin Jeff, he's staying
with us this weekend his parents had to go somewhere.'

I looked at her and she dropped the bomb. 'He's sleeping in the room next to
mine.' She didn't have to say any more. There was no way we could play any
spanking games tonight. Not with Jeff in the next room, we weren't that
quiet. Not by a long shot.  I was introduced to Jeff, he was a cute boy one
year older than us and in the fifth grade. He seemed polite, not like some of
the miserable brats in the neighborhood. But still the night was ruined as
far as I was concerned.

Soon enough her parents were ready to make their departure to their bedroom
from which they would not emerge until the next morning if things went as
usual. Mandy's Dad made sure Jeff knew where his room was and that we had
everything we needed and then gave the standard warning to go to bed at a
reasonable hour and behave or he would get out his paddle and warm some
fannies. and then he was gone and we were left in the living room watching
some meaningless junk on TV.  It was early summer and just getting dark, and
Mandy's parents were off to bed. Well it wasn't my place to point out to
Mandy that her Mom and Dad were a pair of strange ducks.

'Would he really?' Jeff asked looking over at Mandy sitting a few feet away
on the floor glued to the TV watching Homer chase Bart around the house
yelling 'Doe' with each of the numerous walls he ran into.  'Really what?'
She asked back.

'Spank us? would he really spank us if we don't behave?'  

I was listening with half an ear. I was annoyed that I wasn't going to be
able to play the games I wanted and that Lisa Simpson was so much smarter
than me. I snarled back at poor Jeff. 'If you don't watch it. I'll spank

'Gee, sorry, I was just asking.' Jeff said in a hurt tone. 'It's just that
I've never been spanked and I was just wondering what it was like.' Mandy and
I looked at each other in a flash and smiled and then we both looked at a
bewildered Jeff with big ear to ear grins.

'Would you like to play a game with us Jeff?' I asked in my most innocent
voice, unable to keep a large grin off my face.  'What kind of game?' Our
victim inquired.
'House, sort of a game of house, you'll see, you'll like it, at least we do.'

Jeff was unable to keep the look of disappointment off his face, I guess
eleven year old boys aren't generally too crazy about playing house. He
options were limited however, he was stuck with two girls that were going to
play house and nothing good on TV. 'OK, I guess I'll try it.' He decided with
a shrug and a dejected tone that described his lack of enthusiasm for this

After some talking Jeff was convinced that the only way to play this
particular game of house was for everyone to get into their pajamas, and with
another shrug he shuffled off to comply. Soon we were all gathered in Mandy's
room discussing the game. Jeff was quiet, trying to act bored and above it
all, but when I said I would be the Mommy and he and Mandy would be the 'bad'
Children he looked almost interested at where this might be going.

Mandy and I were also intrigued, we never had a 'Daddy' figure before for our
game and the thought of some one new was most interesting. How would Jeff
react to all of this? Since he claimed to never have been spanked we couldn't
be sure of anything.  Mandy and I settled on a quick game that resulted in
only her getting a mild spanking with Jeff watching with wide interested

Then as the rules were explained in more detail and that the spanker had the
right to administer the spanking as they saw fit we began another game. This
time Mandy and Jeff were the 'bad' kids and Mandy got another mild spanking
and then it was Jeff's turn.  He placed himself across my lap and wiggled
just a bit. I gave him seven mild pops with my hand, just enough to sting
ever so slightly, but not enough to scare him off the game.

We talked for a while about the game and the rules as Jeff became more
involved and warmed to the notion that maybe playing 'house' wasn't always
that bad of a game.  Mandy got another spanking from me and Jeff got one from
her and by this time it was getting late. We decided to play one last time
'for real' as we called it.

Jeff said that since he hadn't gotten to be the 'Dad' yet it was only fair
that he get to do it.  Mandy and I agreed that he was right and announced he
was going to have two 'bad' daughters to deal with. This seemed to suit him
just fine.

Mandy and I scampered off, it was now our obligation to select some 'crime'
to get caught at. We all knew that the seriousness of our spanking would be
dictated by two factors, what we did and how we reacted after we were caught.
Mandy and I decided to go for broke. The thought of being spanked by a boy
we hardly knew was somehow exciting.

After some discussion we went to her sister's room and dug under some clothes
to an old stale and long forgotten pack of cigarettes that had been left
there, but known to Mandy. Soon we were strolling by Mandy's room each with
an unlit cigarette in our mouths trying to look cool.

Jeff was so surprised that we walked by the first time we had to walk by
again before he could remember his role. 

'What are you girls doing, are you smoking?' He demanded his voice growing
with confidence as he spoke.  'Uh, yeah we're smoking.'  I responded, 'So

'Well then you'll both get spankings that's what.' He responded.  We placed
our cigarettes on the top of Mandy's dresser, happy to get the foul tasting
things out of our mouths and went to the center of the room where Jeff was.

Jeff had listened well and learned what was expected of his role. He took
charge just as we would have wanted him to. We were told to go to different
corners and stand there.

'No, I'm not going to any old corner, I don't wanna.' I snapped back at him.
He pointed to the corner and said again. 'You better get over there now if
you know what's good for you'.  Mandy went obediently to her assigned corner
while I continued to argue. Satisfied that I had made my point of
disobedience I went to my corner as instructed with one last sneer of
defiance. I knew that if Jeff was getting into the spirit of the game I had
earned a good spanking.  Well that was the whole point wasn't it?

Mandy was first, I turned to watch her spanking. Jeff made no objection to
my watching, so I took a few steps to get closer.   Mandy was soon across his
knee and he was spanking her with medium swats of his hand. The spanks landed
of the center of her fanny and down to just above her legs. It was evident by
her reaction that there was some sting involved, but no great discomfort.

'What would my spanking be like?' I wondered, as I watched Jeff spank her.  I
was sure that I had earned something 'special' and if Mandy's spanking stung
I was sure mine would sting more.

Mandy's little bottom was wiggling as she twisted her fanny left and then
right with each swat, straining the fabric of her light cotton pink pajama
bottoms.  She was playing her part to the hilt, acting for all the world like
she was getting the spanking of her life.

Then it was my turn, across Jeff's lap I went. 'So you want to be a brat do
you?' He asked in what passed for a firm voice.  Now being the time to be
repentant I answered. 'No sir, I'm sorry, I'll be good, It won't happen
again. Please don't spank me.'

With out another word, I felt Jeff's hand swat my bottom. It was the hardest
swat of the night and if this was any indication of what my spanking was to
be like, I knew I was in trouble. Big trouble.

Several more swats landed, not as hard as the first but they stung none the
less. I wondered how long this spanking was going to be, by the rules of our
game that was left up to the spanker. Jeff had the right to spank me as long
and as hard as he wanted to, he could even bare my bottom if he saw fit. I
had no say as long as the punishment wasn't abusive.

I was determined that I would ride out the spanking without protest, no way
was he going to come in here and play our game and make me cry 'Uncle'.

Just as the sting was beginning to build he stopped, and to my horror I felt
his fingers in the waist band of my bottoms and they began to slide down
exposing my tail to Jeff. I confess that despite the embarrassment, it was
kind of thrilling to be laying across this strange boy's lap with my bottom
stinging, have my pj bottoms slowly removed and to know I was going to get
more of a spanking.  I squeezed my eyes shut and savored the moment. I
wiggled on his lap as I felt my bottoms slide down my legs. The sting was
delicious, the situation perfect.

I was jolted back to reality with a burning smack on my bottom. I felt myself
grimace and I moved by arms slightly which were dangling straight down
towards the ground.  Several more smacks and my butt was beginning to really
sting, it was clear that Jeff intended to see that my 'bad' behavior was
properly punished.

Then several more spanks were landed and Jeff decided that the lesson was
learned. I pushed my self off his lap, trying for all the world to act like
the spanking had been no big deal, but we all knew it was. My eyes were
glistening with tears, my voice was clouded when I tried to talk.  I realized
I was naked from the waist down and quickly turned to get my bottoms and pull
them up.  The mood had changed, no one was interested in any more spankings
that evening, and Jeff soon went to his room.

That evening as I lay in bed under the cool sheets with my pj bottoms half
way down, I closed my eyes and relived the spanking over and over in my mind
until I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning at breakfast there was no mention of the previous night's
activities. And soon I was off to my own home, my mind whirling, and my
bottom still tingling.

Jeff is staying at Mandy's again tonight and Mom said If I wanted I could
spend another night with her. I wonder if I should?  Maybe I can pay Jeff
back for the spanking I got.  Maybe I'll get another spanking.

Should I call Mandy?

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