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Claire Gets Punished part 5  

Sep 19, 2016

Claire quickly fell asleep, much to Mark's surprise. He sat for a good 10 minutes, watching his beautiful baby wife sleep. Eventually he got up, turned out the lights and left the room. Mark sat down at the computer to call the BDSM store and asked for an adult changing table and playpen to be delivered as well as some extra baby supplies. An hour later he went to wake Claire from her nap. He had filled her sippy cup with water and set it on her nightstand. "How was your nap?"

"Actually very refreshing, can I have some water?" she asked. He handed her the sippy cup and she drank it all.

"Do you need to go potty?" he asked as she handed him her empty cup.

"No." she said sheepishly.

"I will give you a chance to go on your own, then if you don't do that I will have to give you some spankins." Claire shuddered her bottom was still stinging so she slowly went in her diaper. "What a good little girl, I am going to change you, lay right there on the bed." Claire obeyed, she had plenty of defiance left in her but knew she would get spanked a lot this week. He wiped her clean then powdered and changed her clothes and diaper.

"Let's go into the living room, I need to do some work and we can watch some TV while you play with your toys then decide what we want to do about dinner. We can get take out or go out, it makes no difference to me. It is up to you." He turned on the T.V. and got out his laptop, then got the baby toys off the coffee table. She was not amused because she did not want to play with baby toys. Mark also had not told her about the late afternoon delivery they would be receiving.

"Do you want a snack?" asked Mark after 15/20 minutes of not much noise, just small talk. Everything seemed to be going fine.

"Yes, and some water, I can get it," said Claire as she started to stand up.

Mark firmly grabbed her arm and gave her 4 hard swats on her bottom, "babies cannot get their own food."

Claire was mad and humiliated. Mark had put her in a dress so her diaper crackled when he spanked her and the noise really irritated Claire. She broke away from his grab and yelled at him to fu** off. She then ripped off her diaper, threw it on the ground and used some other choice words. Mark was infuriated but determined to stay calm. Just then the doorbell rang, the deliverymen from the BDSM store had arrive. "You are in so much trouble, you sit in the corner and do not get up until I say you can. If you move one inch I will strap your naked bottom 15 times."

"Good afternoon," said Mark as he answered the door. Claire wondered what was going on but feared the strap. "I will show you to the room, do you need any help carrying anything?" asked Mark. The men carried up the changing table, then the playpen and then went to get the boxes. "I only asked for one box of supplies," said Mark who was very confused.

"Oh," said the first deliveryman. "Your waitress at the diner is the niece of the BDSM store owner, she figured it was for you and wanted to tell you what a good job you're doing with that brat." Claire could hear parts of the conversation and got very nervous. Mark gave the men a very generous tip then sent them on their way. He had five mystery boxes of supplies to rummage through but first he had a brat to punish.

"Is that... her?" asked the first deliverer, Mike.

"Yes, it is, would you like to take a look?" asked Mark invitingly. "Out of the corner Claire," he ordered. She sulked out of the corner and faced her husband. "You took off your diaper like a bad girl. I want you to show these men your naked pussy, lift your dress."

She didn't know what to do, but she didn't want to show two random men her pussy. "No." she said stomping.

"Wow you have a lot of training to do," said Evan, the second deliverer. Mark was mortified and lifted the front of his wives dress with one hand. With the other he ran his hand over her shaved pussy.

"Claire is required to keep this bare at all times," he told them. "Since she was so rude to you would you like to teach her a lesson?"

"What do you mean?" asked Evan and Mike with smiles across their faces.

"Would you like to spank her? Both of you could give her a few swats. It may take her down a few notches." Claire tried to interject and Mark spanked the back of her thighs. "Claire, I want you to go to daddy Evan and apologize for being a bad girl, then lift up your dress and ask him to spank your bottom."

"No. I will NOT do that." Claire knew how much trouble she would be in for her bad behavior. Mark was determined to keep calm.

"Evan, as you can see baby Claire is being difficult. What would you like to use to spank her? We have a spoon, a few straps, a belt and a few paddles."

"Can I use my own belt?" asked Evan.

"Yes," said Mark, who was acting as if Claire was not there. "Now, grab her firmly by her arm, use any means to restrain her, and whip her bare bottom until she says she is sorry for her bad behavior.

"Come here, you have earned yourself a red bottom," Evan told her. She stood there stagnant refusing to move. He jerked her arm and she lost balance, falling into his grasp.

He pulled her dress up and gave her 10 hard swats with the belt until she started to apologize. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry please stop,"

Evan stopped spanking her and she climbed off his lap. "Hold your dress up and tell daddy Evan that you are sorry for your bad behavior," instructed Mark.

"I am sorry for my bad behavior," said Claire.

"Now ask him for a hand spanking," ordered Mark.

"He just spanked me with his belt!!" Claire argued.

"That was for you not following orders. This spanking will be for bad behavior. And keep your dress held up or I will take it," Mark told her.

"Please spank me with your hand," Claire asked.

"Come stand in front of me," Evan instructed. "And keep your dress up, Mike, come here, check out how wet she is." The men started to touch her naked pussy.

"Wow, what a perfectly shaven little sex," said Mike. Claire was crying. She was so humiliated. "Instead of spanking her, can I touch all over her naked body?"

"I insist you smack her bottom with your hand a few times for her rudeness after Evan is done, then you may instruct her to strip naked and touch and look at her, the only stipulation I have is you may not penetrate my baby wife" said Mark.

"I want you to come sit over my knee," Evan said. "I will give you a hand spanking then hand you over to Mike." Claire sulked over to him, she was so humiliated, "hold up your dress," he instructed, "you are so much better behaved in this position. Why am I going to give you a spanking?"

"Because I was a bad little girl," said Claire.

"Yes, because you were a bad little girl," Evan said stroking her shaven sex. "I am going to spank your naughty little bottom now." He put her over his knee and gave her 12 stinging smacks. "That should be enough for baby to have learned her lesson. Babies don't need too hard of spankings."

"Claire I want you to tell daddy Evan thank you for punishing you," ordered Mark. Claire did as she was told and stood waiting for further instructions. "Claire, go over to daddy Mike and lift your dress, then wait for his instructions."

Claire obeyed he walked over to Mike who was sitting on the arm of the couch. "Baby Claire, I will make you into a good girl. Get over my knee it's time for your spanking." She reluctantly obeyed. He gave her 12 hard smacks then instructed her to stand in front of him. He asked Mark's permission to remove her dress and then stripped her naked. Claire was crying. "Lay down baby," he instructed. "I am going to check every inch of your body for a rash. Claire was so humiliated as this stranger spent 10 minutes looking at her most private areas.

Finally the men finished and were on their way. Claire was so mad. As soon as the door closed she lashed out at Mark, she was still naked so she grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around her and spent about two minutes yelling at him.

Mark wasn't sure what the punishment would be after the obvious hand spanking for her defiance before the arrival of the delivery as well as her defiance towards them and this outburst after. It would have to stick, she could not act like this. He took another deep breath than sat down on the couch. "Young Lady go to timeout, in the corner, right now," her husband told her.

Ten minutes later he told her to come and face him, she sulked over to him and stood there, facing him. "Your behavior is awful," he lectured. "I do not know where to begin this punishment. I do not think only giving you a spanking is sufficient, and if I only gave you a spanking your bottom would be very bruised, because you are a very bad girl and have a lot to be punished for. So instead I will try other things. You are getting a hand spanking then you are getting 20 with the spoon. After that we will deal out the rest of babies punishment." She opened her mouth to try to talk and he covered her mouth, "I would not mouth off right now." She had too much spirit left in her and bit his hand.

Mark was so frustrated, he thought after waking her up from her nap she had made progress, and now back to this. He harshly pulled her over his lap and spanked her still pink bottom hard with his hand. After a few minutes he told her to stand up and took her by the hand to go to her room, he was going to spank her with the spoon and show her the new furniture he also made a mental note that he should probably order a second play pen and some type of timeout spot for the downstairs.

When she got to her room her jaw dropped, a changing table... a play pen... were the only thoughts in her head.

Mark sat down on the chair after grabbing the spoon. "Get over here, you're getting spanked again." She sulked over to him and presented her bottom over his knee. He gave her the promised 20 swats but she knew better than to get up. "I am very disappointed in you, but I know you are learning so I am trying to stay calm. Here is our plan- I am going to spank you a little bit more, show you your new baby furniture, tell you the rest of your punishment and carry out what needs to be done immediately, then we will try to have a pleasant evening."

"More spanking?!" she exclaimed. He ignored her senseless chatter and gave her a good hard spanking. When she was crying he decided to stop.

"Go sit on the timeout stole for 5 minutes," he ordered.

"Can I stand?" she begged.

"No, and what did I tell you about arguing about your punishments?" with that he put her back over his knee for six more with his hand. "Get in the corner and sit there," he tried again. She got up and went for the corner, her sad face made his heart sink a little, but he needed to discipline her and was doing it for her own good. Right when he was going to tell her she was getting 10 with his belt, a thought came across his head. Maybe she needed more love, sure she needed structure and discipline but maybe more babying would do the trick. "Come out from the corner now baby," he instructed.

"Please, please no more spankings," she begged.

"I think you have had enough spanking for now, and I need to get baby in a diaper so she doesn't go potty on the floor." Mark noticed a container of suppositories in one of the boxes and smirked. "I want you to lay on your tummy baby," he instructed. He spread out her cheeks and Claire shivered, assuming he was going to take her temperature again. Instead she felt something slightly tight in her bottom then it disappeared. Mark told her to turn over and put the diaper underneath her. He powdered her generously then pinned her in tight. He put another dress on her and then told her to sit on the bed.

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