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Claire Gets Punished part 2  

Sep 19, 2016

The next morning Claire woke up, she really needed to pee. She tried to sneak out of bed but Mark heard her.

"You're awake!" he exclaimed. She sighed, she was going to try to use the restroom before he saw her. "Do you need to be changed?"

"No" said Claire sheepishly.

"Lay down on the bed, I am going to check," he instructed. Claire really needed to go and Mark knew that. He pushed gently on her lower stomach and she couldn't hold her bladder any longer. She looked away shyly she was so ashamed. "Don't be ashamed Claire, he said stroking her hair, I will change you now."

She started to cry out of humiliation, "please just let me use the restroom," she begged.

Mark un did her diaper and stopped. "There is no use in begging you will be diapered until Tuesday," he instructed "if you have another outburst like this about any part of your punishment you will get a spanking. Now, you're getting a little stubbly here," he said stroking around her lips, "I think I am going to shave you before I re diaper you."

"Please, let me shave myself," she begged.

Mark stopped and looked at her, "okay, let's make a deal" he started to say. "Either I will shave you, or I will take Tuesday and Wednesday off work and take care of you and keep you in diapers until Thursday morning."

"Neither is a good option," thought Claire. But having him shave her would be more then she could take. "Fine, just keep me in diapers," said a very defeated Claire.

"Okay then," said Mark. "You may go shave and wash yourself, come back out when you are done wrapped in a towel." He smiled to himself thinking about what he could do with those two extra days.

Meanwhile, Claire was thankful to feel like an adult, showering by herself. She sighed as she got out of the shower and came back into the bedroom. "I need to inspect you, when you finish drying off lay down with your legs spread, I also need to get your diaper on you in case you have to go potty" he said in a very condescending tone. Claire toweled herself off and looked at him pleadingly. "Now," he snapped.

"This is so humiliating," whined Claire.

Mark pushed her legs up into the diaper position and spanked her bottom 6 times. "Every time you complain about any part of your punishment will get you a spanking or a timeout," he warned. He put her legs back down and told her to spread them. Once he determined she was shaved to his liking he started preparing to diaper her. He put the diaper under her bottom before powdering her generously. He finished putting her in her diaper and told her to stay there while he went and got her clothes. He got a pair of white plastic panties with frills and a ruffled dress from the small closet in the guest room and walked back over to her.

"OH come on plastic panties really?" she argued.

"Get over my knee, I just told you not to complain," he scolded.

"You just spanked me," she protested.

"Which is why I do not quite understand why you were a bad girl," he pointed out. "I told you that you were getting a spanking, now come here".

Claire shrugged and walked over to his chair and bent over his knee. Mark decided he would kick this up a notch, "lay down on the bed," he ordered. "I am going to take your diaper off, I need to make sure you feel this spanking."

Claire tried to make a run for it again but Mark caught her, dragging her back on the bed. "Stay still while I do this baby or I will have to use the hairbrush," he threatened. He slowly un diapered her and told her to come lay over his knee. He gave her a good spanking to make her bottom pink. "I need you to go to timeout now, we are going to have a talk about your behavior, but first lets get a diaper on you so you don't go potty without it on you," he said. Claire was afraid of the brush so she laid down with her legs in the diaper position. "Now go to timeout, I am going to come talk to you in a few minutes," he instructed.

Claire went to go sit in the chair and waited anxiously for Mark. "Now, we need to talk about how your behavior, you have tried to run from me multiple times," he pointed out. "So now every time you do that we are going to add 12 hours onto your diaper discipline."

"You have to go to work," Claire said in a sassy tone.

"I can take off a few more days, then after that I will keep you diapered and as a baby at night and on weekends, so do not think that your punishment will end. It is now Friday morning and you already have until next Thursday morning. I have also decided that your behavior has been so bad that I am going to potty train you." Claire starred in disbelief this was going to be so humiliating. "Potty training means you will be in pullups for two days then use a trainer potty for a few more days. If you do not listen you will get more added onto your punishment. During this time period you will be getting spankings, timeouts, dressed to my liking, bathed and fed as well. Do you understand that this is the way the rules are going to work?"

"Yes," said Claire who was trying not to cry.

"Alright, then timeout is over. I am going to give you some toys to play with." Mark handed her two baby toys and went to work on his computer. A half hour later Mark asked her if she was hungry she said she was and he said that they should go out and get something to eat.

"It's winter and this dress will be too cold for outside, can I wear something else please?" she begged.

"Yes," he said congenially "it is too cold to be wearing that outside, you can wear jeans if you would like." Claire got up to walk to their bedroom and he stopped her, "you cannot dress yourself," he reminded her. Once they got into their bedroom he told her to lay down on the bed. He got a pair of jeans and a sweater from her dresser and took her dress off of her.

He was about to put her jeans on when she interrupted him, "ummm can I have some panties please?" she asked.

"No. You are being punished. You will be diapered and if you go potty in your diaper while we are out I will change you in the family restroom," he scolded. "Also, what did I tell you about complaining about your punishment? After I get you dressed you are going to timeout." He finished getting her dressed and told her to go sit in the chair in the corner, he also informed her that that will be her timeout chair for her punishment.

"Why did I give you a timeout little girl?" he asked after 5 minutes.

Claire could sense she would be getting a lot of spankings this coming week and decided to cooperate, "for complaining about my punishment".

"Good girl", he said," now lets get your coat and mittens on, it's very cold outside". She reluctantly let him dress her, when they got to the car she went to get in the front seat. "Silly little girl, you need to go in the back," he laughed.

"I am not sitting in the fuc*** back," she blurted out.

"In the house right now, you're getting spanked," he informed her.

"Stop. Telling. Me. What. To. Do!" exclaimed Claire. He took her by then end and dragged her into the house. He started to undo her jeans when she tried to run towards the downstairs bathroom door.

Mark caught her just in time and firmly took her by the hand over to the couch. "What did I tell you would be the punishment for running away from me?" he asked her firmly.

Claire looked at him, embarrassed, "you would add half a day onto my punishment," she admitted. She internally cursed herself.

"That's right," he said "so that means you will be diapered all day Thursday,". "Now you disobeyed me and you said a bad word, come stand here I am going to take off your pants and you're getting spanked." Claire looked defeated as she moseyed over towards Mark. He undid her pants, pulling them straight down. He figured while he had her diaper exposed he might as well see if she needed to go, she hadn't in a while. "Lay down," he instructed. He pushed on her lower stomach and Claire again relieved her bladder.

"I am going to take your diaper off for your spanking, put a new one on you then we will go get something to eat". He took off her wet diaper, "you really had to pee-pee didn't you?" he said as he removed her diaper. "Now do you want 20 with my hand or 10 with my belt angel?"

"Neither," she scoffed.

"Both it is," he said dominantly. He removed his belt and then told her to get over his knee. He gave her bare bottom 20 hard swats and by the end of it her skin really stung. He was thinking in his head about what position he would put her in for the belt. He decided 5 in the diaper position and 5 bent over the couch arm. "Over the couch," he instructed. His belt gently touched her bottom as he teased her. He gave her 5 hard swats then stopped, "into the diaper position now".

She was going to learn from this spanking. Once she had her legs in the air he gave her a hard stroke, on the back of her thighs. It hurt and Claire fell out of position.

"We will start over," he scolded "5 more to go." He gave her 5 swats hard and fast, leaving some nice strokes on the back of her thighs. "Now let's get you diapered," he instructed. He wiped her, powdered her, diapered her and then held her hand out the door to go to lunch.

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