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Online : Dec 23, 2011
Updated : Dec 23, 2011

"Mommy Mommy pleeeease!! Pretty pretty pleaseeee!"

After a week of similar requests chanted by a shrill six-year-old voice in her ears, Shannon Schroeder had to give up and take her daughters to the aquarium. Her reassurances to Abbie, her youngest, that "maybe" they would go this weekend had been completely in vain. Even the little spanking Abbie had gotten one day for being too insistent had served no purpose, as less than 2 hours later the child was at it again. Not that Shannon and Richard's other daughter, Nicki, desired the aquarium any less, but she had a much more mature way to go about asking, one that included busying herself around the house for several days, helping out, and generally being an angel. So, partly to reward Nicki's behavior and partly to shut Abbie up, Shannon eventually gave in and took them to the bloody aquarium on a sunny Sunday morning, while Richard stayed at home enjoying some child-free peace (knowing full well that next weekend it would have been his turn).

"Mommy Mommy pleeeeease!! The manatees! The manatees!" screamed Abbie the second they stepped into the Harker Foundation Aquarium.

"Abigail! You know the rules," said Shannon. "Stay close to me and your sister and do not climb on the rails. We're going to see the manatees now..."

Abbie whined slightly and wanted to practically pull her mother and sister all the way to "the best" exhibit ever: the manatee tank. It was a 60,000 gallon aquarium hosting three manatees, all rehabilitation animals that would one day be returned to the wild (and soon replaced from the never-ending supply of injured manatees the local wildlife hospital got). The pool was half surrounded by high walls with a tiny window running along the bottom, and slanted bars up top. These bars were an effort to keep stuffed animals and plastic bags and people out of the tank. Signs were posted in several places ordering that visitors not climb on the rails. But it was SO tempting for a little six-year-old child who could not see well through the little window or over the top of the wall.

As they were within range, Abby sprinted for the tank and was soon hopping up and down, trying to see better. Finally she found a spot where the walls weren't quite so high, but it was still not that great.

"Mommy! Pick me up!" she whined.

Though with an eyeroll, Shannon did, and Abbie enjoyed herself immensely for the next twenty minutes from her privileged position. But as it's often the case, time flows differently for children and adults. So when Shannon thought they had been there long enough (and her arms were very tired, too: you try holding a squirming six-year-old in your arms for twenty minutes!), she put the child down... and was rewarded with a scowl and a whine.

"Mommy nooo! Wanna see more!"

She was about to tell Abbie off and teach her a thing or two about limits and gratitude, but a voice behind her called.

"Shannon? Oh my god, it's you!"

She turned around. "Annie? Annie Hastermann! Look at you!" She and the stranger embraced

Nicki rolled her eyes. Yet another of her mother's prehistoric friends. She seemed to know people everywhere. Shannon gestured to Nicki to look after Abbie, and then she and the stranger began talking a mile a minute. Nicki smiled and shook her head once more... and then she noticed that given that her mother's back was now to the tank, Abbie was already climbing up one of the rails! Immediately she rushed there.

"Abbie!" she admonished quietly but urgently, not wanting to alert her mother but also wanting to get her point across. "Abigail, get DOWN! You KNOW we aren't s'posed to climb up there!"

"But I can't seeeeeee and they're feeding the man'tees an' I wanna watch!" the child whined.

Nicki grit her teeth. She knew that what Abbie was doing was wrong, but she thought if it kept her quiet, she might not upset her mother, and thus allow them to see the rest of the aquarium exhibits (Nicki had a soft spot for penguins, herself). Besides, Abbie was rather precarious up there by herself, and surely if Nicki helped by lending her some support, she'd be safe. The nine-year-old cast one last glance over to her mother who was still catching up with the unfamiliar woman and then looked back to Abbie.

"Alright, alright... hold on... let me help," she insisted, supporting as much of her sister's weight as she possibly could. She finally got her into a somewhat precarious position, but one that was holding, and stayed there a while. Nicki had to admit that it was fun to watch the manatees feed at the different feeding stations..

...but her mother's friend didn't think so. After a few seconds she must have noticed that something wasn't going quite right, as she exclaimed:

"Girls...? Shannon, you may want to look."

Shannon did. And she yelled. "ABIGAIL! Get down this inst... NOOO!!"

Scared by the sudden ruckus, Nicki let go, which unbalanced Abbie, who fell rather disastrously over the rail and splashed into the water! While Nicki, wide-eyed and horrified, stood back, Shannon ran to the wall.

"Abbie, swim! Mommy's coming..."

But as she was climbing the rail herself, a volunteer at the aquarium was already in the water. In two seconds the athletic young woman recovered Abbie and swam with her to the border of the tank. The child looked frightened and surprised, but apart from the pieces of romaine and other vegetables clinging to her shorts and t-shirt, she appeared to be just fine.

"Abby! Oh thank you, thank you so much!" said Shannon to the volunteer. The girl was also soaked and full of lettuce.

"Yeah. No problem. What was the child doing up there anyway?"

"I have no idea," said Shannon, "but I can assure you I'll get to the bottom of whatever it was! Abigail! You scared me so much, you naughty girl!" She hugged her, but one could see she wasn't the happiest woman in the world!

Abbie's normally dark brown, curly pigtails were now almost blackened by the water, and so drenched that very little curl remained. The little girl began to shiver as she was out of the 85 degree water and into the air conditioned building, her little blue cotton shorts and pink Eeyore t-shirt dripping the very slightly chlorinated water onto the dock. Nicki remained behind with Annie, watching in horror as towels were brought out to wrap the little girl in. What was only several minutes later, but which felt like an eternity to Nicki, Shannon reappeared dragging a still-shivering Abbie back into the crowd. She frowned at her firstborn and firmly grasped her hand with her free one. Nicki grimaced but thought it wisest to not say a word.

"I'm sorry to have to cut our conversation short, Annie," she said, "but I
hope you understand."

"Oh yes," said Annie with a sly smile. "I understand the situation all too well..." And she gave a knowing nod that was altogether unnoticed to Abbie but which Nicki interpreted as the final seal upon their future fate: they were both going to be spanked, and hard, as soon as they were home.

Thus ended their aquarium visit. Abbie even tried to protest a little bit, but just one sound open-handed smack from her mommy to the seat of her very wet shorts made her change her mind about that. Nicki cringed and rubbed her own little bottom through her red shorts all the way to the car.

After a brief and completely silent ride, the girls were ordered out of the car and into the house.

"Hey, back alr..." Richard stood up from the couch upon seeing them, but one look at Abbie and he immediately understood. "Are they okay?"

"They're fine," said Shannon, "though not for long if depends on me. Nicole, tell Dad what happened, and you better be honest. You come with me," she then said to Abbie, who by now was sulking and sniffling a bit.

Nicki wilted. She didn't like the idea of being left alone with Daddy, usually the more hot-headed of her parents. Of course, Mommy was pretty steamed right now, anyway! The woman was already dragging her errant younger daughter up the stairs to the fish-themed bathroom for a quick bath, slapping her little cotton-covered backside all the way there.

"So?" Richard asked. His face looked halfway between stern and inquiring. But mostly stern.

Nicki kicked the carpet with a sandaled foot. "Uh... well, see... Mommy was talking to some friend, and Abbie wanted to see the manatees and couldn't, and was pulling herself up on the bars... and I figured that if Mommy didn't know she was doin' somethin' wrong she'd still take us to the rest of the place... so I held onto her to help, but then Mommy startled us and she slipped and it was an accident...! I was just tryin' the help keep her safe and make everyone happy and... noooo Daddy nooo-owww!!" SMACK! A hearty slap landed on the seat of her skin-tight, red cotton shorts with a white heart printed on each bottom cheek. Daddy moved fast when he wanted to!

"Nicole Bethany! Are you telling me that you willingly helped your sister to deliberately disobey your mother's instructions not to climb the walls?"

So many big words, and yet Nicki perfectly understood the concept: "I... but... y-yes, b-"

This time Richard didn't bother smacking her again. Instead he just reached forward and pulled Nicki's shorts and powder blue panties down to her knees
in one even faster, sweeping motion.


"Continue. What do you have to say for yourself?"

Nicki whimpered. What a mess! Suddenly bare, privates on display as well as her slightly chubby thighs, and primed for a sound spanking. She whimpered
and hugged herself with her left arm, while covering her front with her right hand best she could.

"D-Daddy, I'm sorry! I... I knew she shouldn't climb but... I figured if I was helpin' her... I never meant for anything bad to happen!"

Richard shook his head. "Your desire to help is commendable, as ever, but you must follow the rules too. There are things you're only supposed to do with an adult, and never without one, and you know very well that this is one of them. So now you're going to get it, but good, and not one more word about it. Go get the spoon. Now."

Richard's jaw was tight. He did not look in the mood for negotiations.

Nicki paled. He had not said to get "a" spoon; he had said "the" spoon, and that meant there was only one spoon she was expected to pick up. Why it was still kept in the kitchen she wasn't sure. It was never used to cook anything besides Hot Roasted Nicki Buns. Perhaps it was just having the ease of having something downstairs, easily accessible and with a sting comparable to her dreaded hairbrush. Indeed it was one awful piece of wood.

Grimacing, Nicki waddled-her shorts and panties so embarrassingly trapped around her lower thighs-to the second drawer by the kitchen sink, opened it and pulled out a spoon whose head had the circumference of a hardball and was a good half-inch thick. It had tiny cracks from repeated use upon her bucking and twisting young bottom and thighs, but no matter how hard she hoped amidst all her kicking and crying, the spoon never broke.

She sobbed as she hefted the long-handled utensil and inched her way back to her father. In the mean time, Richard had placed a chair in the middle of the living room. He was wearing a t-shirt, or he would have rolled up his sleeves ever so menacingly. Nicki still trembled, though, as his father's potent biceps were on full display. She always thought they should make exercising (especially weightlifting) illegal for adults, lest all that force be used to beat the naked bottoms of poor defenseless little girls! But presently, her father just took the spoon from her and put it on his brawny lap. Then he pulled Nicki's shorts and undies all the way down.

"Step out and sandals off, and get over my knee. You're in huge trouble, Nicole," he repeated, as if the little girl didn't already know that!

She whimpered as she hung her head and hesitantly stepped out of her red shorts and blue undies and and kicked off her white leather sandals. Now that felt naked. At least he had left her Happy Feet t-shirt on, but tight and small as it was-leaving her belly-button and the small of her back exposed-it felt just like being fully nude. She gave the items of clothing a kick to push them out of the way... and to stall for as long as she could. Finally there was no stalling left to do, so she went over to her dad's right side and let herself fall over the paternal lap. She blushed as she found herself in such a humiliating position once more, mere weeks after her last spanking, and squirmed, trying to get comfortable but failing miserably. However she'd move, whatever she'd do, her little round bottom would still be the highest point of her body, her hands and feet would still be off the ground, and her thighs would be forced slightly apart by her position, making her completely vulnerable, because like that she couldn't clench her nether cheeks even if she wanted to!

When Nicki had at last settled down some, Richard circled her bare waist and placed his huge hand across the child's nether flesh mounds. He began to spank with slightly less hard smacks than usual, but a lot faster ones that fell across Nicki's bare bum like fire from a railgun! Nicki cried out, not exactly loud or wailing just yet, but definitely making it known that this was far from pleasant.

"Ow! Ouchie! Daaad I'm ow I'm sorreeeee!"

Bare little feet kicked the open air, just barely pumping up and down. Richard kept up his smacks in a frenzy, quickly turning the little girl's bottom and sit-spots into a solid soft glowing pink.

"You knew so much better, did you not?" he scolded, punctuating words with sharper smacks.

"Owww! Yeessiieeee I diiiiiid!"

"Then why *SMACK* would *CRACK* you *WHACK* do it?" *SMICK SMACK* These harder smacks definitely got poor Nicki's attention!

"Ahooowwwiieee! Daddy I dunnoooo! I, I, I...."

"You weren't thinking!" said Richard as he introduced Nicki's upper thighs to the first of many hard spanks. "Either that, or you thought that you could handle it."

"Owwwwieee... nooo Daddy please noooo!" Nicki's increased protests merely confirmed to Richard that the harder spanks were being effective, and he repeated them many times over.

The little girl shook her head from side to side as her kicks got higher and higher and her hands flailed every which way.

"Yes, we stress responsibility... but are you usually allowed to do things that are only for adults, hmm?" He paused so he could hear the answer. His spankings were loud, not just painful!

Nicki shook her head dejectedly as she sobbed. "Nooo... I'm not 'llowed tooooo!" she cried out. I'm sorry, I am! I was jus' trying to make everything work an' I was wrong! Daddy please noooo! I'm so SORRY!"

"Once again, the intentions are commendable," Richard said, "but you should have called your mother. Your first duty is to us, Nicole-not to your sister."

And he picked up the spoon, and immediately SMACK!!ed it down across Nicki's bright red, bare, plump bottom.

"YEEEOWW!!!" As the giant spoon head landed time and again on her child-size, pudgy bottom, she reared up her head and cried. "DADDYYYY! OWWWIEEEE! I'll be gooood... won' do it agaiinnnnnn!" She balled her hands

up into fists, desperate to keep from reaching back. "I know you won't, and you know why?" The spoon visited spanking terror on the child's sitting-spots, making her howl and kick even more. "One, because you're getting the spanking of your life..."

"Oh my god noooo Daddy please!!" Nicki begged: the last time he'd said that had meant nightmares for her little backside.

"...and two, because from now on you'll ask for permission to do anything on yourself while outside, since maybe you can't be trusted all that much after all. Do you understand me, little girl?" The spanks fell harder and harder, also on her upper thighs now.

Nicki wanted to die... that would be so humiliating. And would that include when she was with friends?! She didn't dare even consider the possibility. She quickly nodded her head, even as a loud and long yowl came forth.

"Promise! I promisssssse Daddy! Please stopppp!"

But the hard smacks kept falling down, causing her little bottom and thighs to burn and ache mercilessly. And as if it weren't enough, Richard decided to go a little lower on the thighs than he usually did. Normally he would limit himself to the first fourth of the area between sit-spots and knee-hollows, but now the head of the spoon smacked down until almost a third of the way down, digging into the soft fleshy meat there and introducing Nicki to new heights of pain.

Her protest came out in form of a near-scream, her howls echoing throughout the Victorian house. Never had he spanked her so low before!

"Owwwww Daddy!!"

"Don't you 'Daddy' me, young lady," said Richard, still visibly upset. "You've earned every smack. What you did with Abbie was dangerous! What if she'd hit her head?"

Nicki sobbed hard and hung her head. She never wanted something bad to happen to her little sister, no matter how annoying she could get at times. Sensing that this was hitting a nerve, Richard continued.

"And hitting her head isn't the only danger. One of those animals could have attacked her!"

Then Nicki's brain misfired...

"They don't attack, they're herbivorrrrrrroooooooooooooowwwwiiieeeeeee!"

A severely hard spoon smack to each of the lower boundaries Daddy had set up on Nicki's thighs caused the little girl to cry out hoarsely.

"Don't you dare talk back to me while you're getting a spanking, Nicole Bethany Schroeder!" Richard boomed. For a second the only sound audible was Nicki's ragged breathing and the ticking of the clock from above the fireplace. The child, scared into silence from her father's outburst, did not dare even protest. That is, until he delivered another smack, as hard as the previous one and on the same spot.

"Owwwww!!! Daddy I'm SO sorry... please..."

"Good. They're herbivores and they're peaceful, but they're also 1,500-pound animals. Abbie weighs 30. Do you still think your sister wasn't in any danger?" He placed the spoon in the middle of her bottom cheeks, so that its head rested almost in her crack, as he and Shannon would do every once in a while. Nicki gasped, recalling just how awful it felt to be spanked there.

"N-no s-s-s-sirrrr.... I d-doooonnn't... I'm sorrry!" The little girl tensed up, even if she knew that could make the spank hurt worse... but fortunately for her, Richard decided against it. Instead he just went for her cheeks, both of them, for thirty straight seconds of severe, non-stop, meat-pounding spanking.

Nicki hollered and kicked throughout, but somehow managed to neither reach back nor kick so high that her father deemed it appropriate to restrain her legs. Finally, he stopped. The child's backside was a solid, dull red. She knew it wasn't exactly the hardest spanking she'd received, though it came close... and she also knew full well that it was far from over!

"Alright," the man commanded. "Up you get, to the bathroom. You know what's next."

She knew. Oh, did she ever. On trembly legs, Nicki slowly let herself slide down off her daddy's lap and hopped up and down, barely able to keep her hands away from her glowing, Rudolph-nose bottom. When she got a grip on the pain, she hurried up the stairs (not ran, as she was in plenty of trouble already without needing to get into more for running in the house!) until she was just outside of her bathroom. Her and Abbie's bathroom, that is. The bathroom where Mommy was still giving her naughty little sister a bath!

Nicki heard her father coming up the stairs and turned to him.

"D-Daddy... they're using the room... where should I go?"

"Right inside. It's not the first time they've seen you, and it surely won't be the last."

Nicki's eyes grew large like supersized mothership flying saucers.

"DAD!!" Smack! "Oww! B-but..."

"I said, get in. Now."

To prove he wasn't joking, he opened the door. Scowling little Abbie was soaped from head to toes and glowering Shannon was kneeling by the bathtub, vigorously scrubbing the little girl.

The half naked Nicki minced her way in, not able to meet either her sister's or her mother's gaze. Instead she just sobbed as she covered herself, which had the double purpose of saving what little modesty she had left and also of keeping her hands away from her well-spanked backside. She stood in the middle of the room and watched as Richard got into the cabinet beneath the sink and pulled out one of two enema kits they had in the house-the much larger of the two kits!

Nicki dropped her lower jaw in disbelief. This had only been threatened thus far! But Richard took no notice of that, and instead just unpacked all the needed materials. Under Nicki's sorrowful eyes and constant sobs, he filled the rubber bag with warm water and soap. Then he connected it to the small clear plastic tube that ended in a 3-inch long, half-inch thick, scarlet-red nozzle. Nicki's little bottom hole twitched at the mere thought of this nasty nozzle's little brother, to which she was used. If the pain and embarrassment from this one were proportioned to its size, it would be a true weapon of ass destruction!

Click! The nozzle clicked into place. Richard grabbed the kit, sat down on the toilet, and draped a large blue towel over his lap, all the while Abbie from the bathtub just stared with huge eyes, her own predicament completely forgotten.

"Come here, Nicki," said Richard. "Don't stall again, or else."

The little girl clenched and unclenched her bottom and stomach muscles as she stared at the humongous enema kit and her father primed and ready. Her eyes darted over to her mother, but the woman nodded meaningfully to her before turning back to her own errant little one. Finally Nicki summoned the courage to go over to her father, chewing on her fingernail in nervous anticipation. Richard assisted her in bending over his left knee, although this time with her thighs way more apart than during a simple spanking. This alone caused Nicki to start crying real tears in utter and complete embarrassment, as her exposure was now total and her father now had complete control over her anus and sex.

Once again the man took no notice, as this was little more than routine in an old-fashioned household with young children, and frequently naughty ones at that! He and Shannon had taken care of their little girls' bottoms inside and out for years, after all. So he clinically and accurately lubed the tip of the nozzle with some clear and viscous oil that smelled like hospital; with two fingers he parted Nicki's chubby bottom cheeks, revealing the much whiter (both untanned and unspanked) crack between the two mounds of flesh; and finally placed the nozzle against the little girl's pink puckered bum hole. The smaller one would have been met with almost no resistance at this point, but the larger nozzle was bigger and needed a somewhat stronger push to penetrate Nicki.

"Relax, Nicole," her daddy said. "It won't hurt as much..."

Nicki sobbed and tried SO hard to relax those sphincter muscles, but it was too difficult. After all, who could relax knowing that her graces, however undeveloped and uninteresting, were on full display to a grown man who was shoving what felt like a huge rod up your anus? For Nicki this was the ultimate embarrassment and she felt like dying. She partially did manage to relax, but certainly not enough, and she cried out as the nozzle forced its way into her slowly and steadily.

"Oooohh owwwie Daddy nooo! Pleeease don't! Pleeeease!... arghhh hurtssss..." she whimpered and squirmed through her tears, face scrunched up like a little piglet's.

"Quiet!" said Richard, accompanying his rebuke with a mild slap to her right bottom cheek.

Nicki didn't even feel the pain, busy as she was being impaled on a three-inch long, half-inch thick enema nozzle. The child cried big tears as her pink sphincter muscles were pushed inwardly, like a flower opening from the outside in. She shook her head hard, dark-blonde hair flying. She beat the side of the toilet and her daddy's sturdy leg with her arms, alternatively owwing and mmm-ing and ooo-ing and emitting other undecipherable sounds.

Abbie, meanwhile, shivered as she realized that what was happening to Nicki could happen to her too in a not-so-distant future... and whatever made her big and bold sister cry so hard (such as the giant hairbrush, and now this) must have been really awful! Shannon also looked on, though with interest, perhaps taking notes on how to administer such a large enema , certain that sooner or later she would have to do the honors. Although punishment enemas were relatively infrequent in the Schroeder household, you never know when it's going to be useful; and once Nicki had been introduced to the adult size, there was no point in going back to the other one: might as well train her little bottom hole for the bigger size all the way.

A few seconds later, Richard stopped pushing. Over two-thirds of the nozzle were in and it just wouldn't go any deeper... not safely, anyway. It was still more than plenty enough for a first time, anyway, so he nodded in satisfaction.

"D-daddy it's too big!" Nicki cried out. "Please oh PLEASE I beg you, take it out of my butt!!"

Richard actually smiled at that. If it weren't serious, it would have been funny.

"I am not taking it out until it's done its job," he said, and he smacked Nicki's upper thigh once more for good measure.

He held down the squirming and crying half-naked child over his lap, and then reached over and clicked the bag open. Nicki gasped as she felt the warm, soapy water start moving in to fill her bowels, and drew to whimpering and then even kicking her feet slightly.

"Daaaaddyyyy! I'm sorrrryyy!" Her tummy quickly started to feel full, not quite uncomfortably so just yet, but getting there. At any rate, she already felt more than ready to "go!"

"You are going to obey instructions and understand that they apply to you as well," her father scolded mercilessly as the water flowed in. "I don't want to have to talk about this ever again, or you'll get all this as well as a much harder spanking!" Again he slapped Nicki's bright red sit-spots and upper thighs to make his point, making sure not to hit the nozzle in the process.

Less than thirty seconds later, the bag had emptied itself into Nicki's intestines. The child was crying hard and squirming plenty, so Richard had a hard time extracting the nozzle (considering, also, that he had to do it very slowly). A few more seconds and sound spanks later, he eventually managed, and almost at the same time Shannon picked soaking-wet Abbie from the bathtub and wrapped her in a towel.

"We'll go get dried in the girls' bedroom," she said as she walked to the door.

"I'm sowwy, Nicki..." said Abbie sadly as she was carried away. For once her face showed genuine remorse. Seeing her sister's bottom tortured inside and out like that might have had something to do with it.

Once the nozzle was out, Nicki just sobbed and whimpered and shuddered and kicked her feet, bending at the ankles.

"Mmmmpphhh... Daddy! Potty! I gotta gooooo! Plleeeeeeasssse!" She squeezed her thighs and little bottom cheeks together as if that could help keep the contents of that awful bag inside her. At long last, Richard set aside the last of the equipment and patted her back.

"Alright, Nicole. You may get up and 'go' now."

He helped his daughter to her feet and quickly stood himself. He raised the lid to the toilet and walked to the door. He personally saw no big deal in staying, but he knew it made Nicki terribly uncomfortable, and it wouldn't be exactly useful, either.

"Take no more than five minutes," he ordered, "then get out of that t-shirt, go to your room, and get changed for lunch. Your mother will be there, so don't cheat..."

"Yes yes yes I promiseeee!" Nicki cried, dying for him to just get out.

"Oh, and, by the way," said Richard, calmly and taking his time, as he was almost out the door. "Don't you try splashing your bottom with water or some such nonsense. Your mother will notice and then you'll really be in trouble." And he closed the door.

Nicki immediately plopped herself down onto the toilet. The second the door clicked shut she (finally!) allowed her bottom muscles to relax. She cried in pain, her spanked bottom and especially thighs being pinched by the toilet seat. Spanking that hard, that far down was absolutely cruel! And to give her an enema , and that huge and long of one, on top of it all was just awful! She cried in heaving sobs as she finished, and then cried even more as she had to use the rough toilet paper to carefully wipe her hiney-she surely wasn't about to try and use a moist wipe! It would be cleaner and easier, but she would not take chances today! No sirree!

Once done, and with very little time to spare according to her watch, she carefully took off her t-shirt and used it to cover herself up in front as best she could before making a beeline for her room. In the room, Shannon had just finished drying off Abbie, who was now standing on her bed, waiting to be dressed... eventually. Judging by the tears running down her face, as well as the handprints that adorned her tiny bottom, it looked as if she had been spanked already. But Nicki knew those had been just little warning smacks as their mother released frustration: if Abbie had been truly spanked, the whole Northern hemisphere would have noticed!

Nicki ran for her closet and picked out the first thing she could find that wouldn't be too tight, although thanks to her pudginess not much was baggy anymore!

"Aha. Wait right there," Shannon said. She stopped taking care of Abbie and approached Nicki. "Drop those clothes, turn around, and bend over. Let's see that bottom of yours."

Nicki's jaw dropped! What had she done now? She couldn't think of a single thing, but was not about to do anything to make it worse. With wide eyes, the 9-year-old dropped the t-shirt and the orange sleeveless cotton dress. Now that she was fully naked, she turned quickly so as to hide her front and present herself like her mother wanted her. Ever so slowly she bent over and scrunched up her face, anticipating another spanking, and nearly jumped when she felt her mother's semi-gentle touch tracing some of the darker red puffy areas on her bottom.

"Looks good enough to me," said Shannon, making Nicki sigh loudly in relief. But then the woman said: "Spread your cheeks, let me see," and the child very nearly panicked again.


Two sharp smacks landed immediately across the child's thighs.

"Now, Nicole. Or should I get your hairbrush?"

"Nononono Mommy I'm sorry!" the child quickly apologized, and even more quickly she reached behind and parted her chubby bottom cheeks. She blushed deeply once more as she exposed her anus and privates to an adult for the second time that day, but the thought along of being spanked again was too much, especially considering her daddy was probably not done with her yet.

Shannon leaned over and checked her daughter's bottom hole carefully, making sure all was well. It was stretched and probably sore and tender (oh, she knew), but overall looked just fine. The inspection done, the woman slapped Nicki's bottom a few more times, just so as to not give her the impression of being let off easy.

"Alright, up you get," she said, and Nicki complied immediately, reaching back now to half-rub, half-cover her poor abused little bottom. "You can get

dressed now and go downstairs." "Y-yes, Mommy," said Nicki, collecting her clothes from the floor. She slipped on the dress, grimacing when it chafed against the puffy skin. She had been naked for so long now that it almost felt weird being dressed again!

"We'll be down in a while," said Shannon. "You and Daddy should go ahead and just eat."

She gave her daughter a small smile and then turned and looked meaningfully over her shoulder at little Abbie...


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