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Nat a besoin d'une nounou  fr

Online :Apr 30, 2009
Updated :Jun 25, 2009

Nat et sa nounou Bea

1 Chapters Available

Une fessée d'amoureux  fr

Online :Apr 30, 2009
Updated :Apr 30, 2009

Une sevère fessée donnée entre amoureux

Garden Party  en

Online :Apr 30, 2009
Updated :Apr 21, 2010

A girl receive a spanking while a garden party

The Mind's Eye  en

Online :Apr 29, 2009
Updated :Jun 21, 2009

A boy is waiting for punishment, his sister is also wainting for the spanking to come the next room. The boy describe the scene he listen next room.

Go to your room and pull down your panties!  en

Online :Apr 27, 2009
Updated :Apr 27, 2009

A dream comes true

Natty Gets a Nanny  en

Online :Apr 21, 2009
Updated :Jun 21, 2009

Natty's daddy decided that she needed a nanny.

Triplets  en

Online :Apr 21, 2009
Updated :Jun 21, 2009

Caught by their parents and punished for a conspiracy of lies, three daughters are stripped naked for a warmup hand spanking followed by an over the couch belt strapping. Corner time is served -- without panties.

Claire Plus  en

Online :Apr 21, 2009
Updated :Jun 12, 2010

Claire's mum make a proposition for her daughter, to live with her, but there is spanking consequences.

kids 2  en

Online :Apr 20, 2009
Updated :Jun 21, 2009

kids being spanked at home

The spoon  en

Online :Apr 20, 2009
Updated :Jun 21, 2009

As many spanking fetishists know, kitchenware sections are ripe with possibilities when it comes to spanking toys. I was shopping at "Cost+Plus" once when I saw the salad spoon described in this story. It was far cheaper than a spanking paddle would have been, but looked just as effective. This is a story about that spoon and a girl who knows what she wants.