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Discipline Rediscovered  en

Online :Jun 21, 2010
Updated :Jun 21, 2010

A girl and her mum plan to go to shopping mall.

The girl has done a mistake...

She receive a spanking for not obeing, and a diaper

Thérapie post chirurgicale  fr

Online :May 3, 2010
Updated :Oct 1, 2013

Laurence s'est faite opérer des amygdales et se retrouve à la maison.

Elle a besoin d'être soignée et son papa va prendre soin d'elle.

Température, lavement et couche culottes

Painful Alternatives  en

Online :Apr 21, 2010
Updated :May 19, 2010

A discipline story between a man and his girlfriend.

Spanking and butt plug.

Lori's Treatment  en

Online :Mar 15, 2010
Updated :Aug 17, 2014

A girl had a surgical operation.

Her father take care of her

1 Chapters Available

La saint valentin  fr

Online :Feb 14, 2010
Updated :Feb 15, 2010

La saint valentin est une fête inventée de toute pièce, mais au moins elle fête les amoureux, l'occasion d'avoir quelques moments à se consacrer l'un l'autre.

Voici une histoire courte mais sensuelle.

Emily's Story  en

Online :Jan 5, 2010
Updated :Mar 6, 2010

A youg girl just come to lost her parents, she had to live at her uncle and aunt house with her sister.

The rules are strict but excite a lot the Emily libido.

A love spanking  en

Online :Nov 4, 2009
Updated :Feb 10, 2010

Spankings are supposed to hurt, even sexy love spankings.

Embarrassing Story  en

Online :Oct 13, 2009
Updated :Feb 8, 2010

A girl is punished by her  daddy after being expelled from her school, her daddy spank her poor bottom.

The lesson must be learned as weel, and an enema will help her to have better behaviours.

En vacances chez ma tante  fr

Online :Jul 16, 2009
Updated :Oct 13, 2009

Lorsque j'etais jeune garçon j'adorais rester chez ma tante. C'était à la campagne, il faisait bon vivre et les vieilles méthodes sont restées. Les premier amours fleurissent, les fantasmes avec.

The twins  en

Online :Jun 30, 2009
Updated :Feb 11, 2010

The two 18 year old twins eyed each other nervously how did their plans go wrong they thought. Kelly and Deborah waited for their mother
return. They thought back to what had been they thought a foolproof plan to cut school and hang out at the mall